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Koh Lipe to Trang Ferry & Speedboat: Schedule & Prices

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How to get from Koh Lipe to Trang


Discover the Enchanting Journey from Koh Lipe to Trang

Welcome to the beautiful journey from the island paradise of Koh Lipe to the stunning area of Trang on Thailand's mainland. Imagine moving from one beautiful spot to another, each with its own unique charms. Koh Lipe is famous for its clear waters and soft sands, perfect for snorkeling and sunbathing. A short trip away is Trang, a place full of amazing sights, from forests and mountains to cozy beaches.

Koh Lipe to Trang Schedule and Pricing

Travelers eager to make the passage from Koh Lipe to Trang have the luxury of choosing between speedboat and ferry options, each offering a unique experience. Jolly Travel, a reputable operator in the region, ensures a comfortable and safe journey for all passengers.

Departure Details:

- Operator: Jolly Travel

- Departure Time: The daily service embarks at 09:30 AM from Pattaya beach in Koh Lipe, making it a convenient choice for travelers looking to soak in the early sun before departing.

- Journey Duration: The speedboat service promises a swift transit, taking approximately 2 hours to reach the first stop in Satun, Pakbara Pier and then from there to take the minivan to reach the final destination "Trang". This efficiency allows travelers more time to enjoy their day, whether it's for further travel plans or exploring the wonders of Trang.

- Pricing Information: Koh Lipe to Trang speedboat prices start from 900 THB, Jolly Travel ensures a blend of speed and comfort.

Secure your seat on the Koh Lipe to Trang speedboat today!

Check-in Instructions:

Travelers are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure for check-in procedures. The departure point is conveniently located, with staff ready to assist you in starting your journey smoothly. You can check in with e-ticket on mobile or device.

Pristine Koh Lipe beach

Important Travel Information

This journey offers not only a passage but a glimpse into the breathtaking seascape that divides Koh Lipe and Trang. Travelers should note that the speedboat journey is subject to weather conditions, and it's always wise to check forecasts and be prepared for changes in sea conditions.

Beyond the Voyage

Arriving in Trang opens up a world of opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Beyond the convenience of the journey itself, Trang offers visitors a chance to explore stunning waterfalls, historic caves, and exotic local cuisine. This voyage is more than just a transition; it's an invitation to explore the depth of Thailand's natural and cultural richness.