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Koh Phangan to Donsak: Ferry & Speedboat

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How to get from Phangan Island to Donsak


Journey from Koh Phangan to Donsak: A Gateway to Surat Thani

Setting off from the lively Thong Sala Pier on Koh Phangan to the crucial Donsak Pier is your key to discovering the magical landscapes of Surat Thani and more. This journey is a favorite for its stunning views and smooth travel, thanks to the various trusted ferry services.

It turns your voyage across the Gulf of Thailand into a memorable adventure, not just a simple journey. The stretch from Koh Phangan's Thong Sala Pier to Donsak's Seatran Donsak Pier spans about 17.7 miles (28.5km), or 15.4 nautical miles for the mariners, for those familiar with sea distances.

Koh Phangan to Donsak Schedule and Price

Departure Details:

Pier ferry sailings typically depart from Koh Phangan's Thong Sala Pier, offering travelers a choice between the early morning and afternoon departures. The ferry route is operated by Lomprayah High-Speed Ferries among other esteemed ferry operators, each promising a comfortable and reliable service. With an average sailing time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Pricing Information:

Ferry prices typically range depending on the ferry operators, with pier ferry prices starting at an attractive point for budget-conscious travelers. The average price is typically around THB 550 for adults, providing an affordable yet comfortable option. Pricing will vary depending on the number of passengers, vehicle type, and route selected, ensuring options for every traveler's needs.

Check-in Instructions:

Passengers are advised to arrive at Koh Phangan Thong Sala Pier at least 30 minutes before departure. The check-in process is streamlined, requiring only your booking confirmation and a valid ID. This ensures you have ample time for any last-minute preparations before boarding.

Important Travel Information:

- Luggage: Each passenger can bring along one piece of luggage, provided it does not exceed 20 kg in weight.

- Travel Duration and Departure Times: Pier ferry times and average sailing durations are designed to cater to a variety of schedules, with detailed pier ferry operator schedules available for planning your journey.

- Onboard Services: Enjoy the journey with comfortable seating and panoramic views. Refreshments are available, enhancing your travel experience.

- Best season: the ideal time to travel from Koh Phangan to Donsak speedboat or ferry is during the dry season, from December to March, when you can enjoy beautiful weather, calm seas, and optimal conditions for outdoor adventures.

Traversing the route from Koh Phangan to Donsak ferry or speedboat not only connects you to the wonders of Surat Thani but also to a network of destinations waiting to be explored. The ferry journey itself is a testament to the beauty and accessibility of Thailand's maritime routes, operated by seasoned ferry operators dedicated to making your voyage as pleasant as the destination itself.

With pier ferry prices typically offering value and convenience, and a range of departure times to fit your schedule, your journey across the Gulf of Thailand promises to be both memorable and enjoyable.