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From Phuket to Ao Nang Ferry, Speedboat or Bus

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Phuket to Ao Nang : Ferry and Speedboats

Ao Nang

Seaside Escapades: From ​​Phuket to Ao Nang

Ao Nang is nestled in the Krabi province of Thailand. It offers a seaside haven along the Andaman Sea. With its stunning long beachfront, it serves as a gateway to an array of thrilling day trips.

Or adventures that beckon travelers to explore the natural wonders of this coastal paradise. Ao Nang offers easy access to Thailand's best destinations, including Phang Nga Bay and the Phi Phi Islands. Let's delve into the details of this enchanting region. Tuk Tuks, longtail boats, and pristine beach resorts await your discovery.

Ao Nang Beach is the central hub for travelers seeking sun, sand, and sea. This town boasts an assortment of tour agencies. They are eager to take you on journeys across the Andaman Sea.

Among the must-see destinations is Railay Beach. It is renowned for its towering limestone cliffs. The ferry from Phuket to Ao Nang offers a convenient and scenic journey between these two attractive places.

Phuket and Ao Nang both reside within the captivating province of Krabi. They are separated by approximately 150 kilometers (about 93 miles).

Ao Nang's great location and variety of places to stay make it the top choice for travelers who want to explore Krabi. Ao Nang provides an ideal starting point for your Krabi adventures. Whether you're planning to venture to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, or Krabi Town itself.

Patong Beach is nestled on the vibrant Phuket Island. It is a lively coastal paradise where the vibrant colors of longtail boats punctuate the crystal-clear waters. These classic boats add to the lovely local atmosphere that defines the beauty of Patong.

As they navigate the waters, these longtail boats don't only serve as a mode of transport. They also add a touch of genuineness and charm to the captivating Patong seascape. Many beachgoers can be spotted embarking on memorable long tail boat adventures.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore hidden coves, visit nearby islands. Or enjoy the breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea during their longtail boat excursions.

We highly recommend the Ao Nang Monkey Trail within the National Park. This trail meanders through lush rainforest, offering a remarkable opportunity to observe the region's diverse flora and fauna. As you hike along the path, you'll encounter playful monkeys swinging from the trees, adding a touch of wildlife magic to your adventure.

When you walk along Nopparat Thara Beach, you'll discover a lively scene that caters to all your needs. Countless stalls offer affordable clothing and souvenirs, perfect for taking home a piece of Thai culture.

ATM machines and banks ensure easy access to financial services. The boulevard also boasts a diverse array of bars, beauty salons, and massage parlors. It makes sure you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Furthermore, you'll find an extensive selection of hotels and beach resorts, each offering its own unique charm and comfort. If you get hungry, you'll find plenty of restaurants serving international cuisine. Delicious seafood dishes are here to satisfy your taste buds.

From Phuket to Ao Nang through Krabi

The nearest airport is Krabi airport which is about forty minutes away by car. You can find many flights from Phuket international airport to Krabi airport. Songthaew “Thailand’s local blue bus” runs from Krabi to Ao Nang . It also runs from Krabi town to the airport.

From Phuket to Ao Nang by minivan/taxi

A private minivan/taxi or shared minivan can be booked from our website. It will take you to (or from) several destinations.

Phuket international airport or Patong. Or Phuket Marina, Sea Angel Pier. Or Rassada Pier, or else.

You can also book a private taxi or shared minivan to take you from (or to) Nopparat Thara Pier. Also from (or to) Krabi town, Krabi bus terminal, Krabi airport, and Ao Nang. The private minivan takes up to eight people. The private taxi takes up to three people.

From Phuket to Ao Nang by ferry

Departing from Phuket, Ferries operate from November till April daily. In the low season they operate only on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.

From Rassada Pier to Nopparat Thara Pier

Nopparat Thara Pier is a little pier in Ao Nang, it’s Ao Nang’s main arrival point by boat. There are direct ferries from Rassada Pier to Ao Nang. There are indirect ferries which stop at Tonsai Pier in Koh Phi Phi to switch boats.

From Sea Angel Pier to Nopparat Thara Pier

It's an indirect trip from Sea Angel Pier to Nopparat Thara Pier. The boat will reach Tonsai Pier in Koh Phi Phi island. Then, it continues its way to Ao Nang, Joint-ticket available on our website

Best time to visit

Ao Nang enjoys a tropical climate, characterized by two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The dry season, which spans from November to April, is considered the prime time to visit Ao Nang.

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