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Koh Tao to Bangkok by Ferry and Bus: Your Ultimate Guide

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Koh Tao to Bangkok by Ferry and Bus: Your Ultimate Guide


Koh Tao to Bangkok by Ferry and Bus: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you considering going from Koh Tao to Bangkok by Bus and Ferry? Traveling between these two destinations can be enjoyable. Here's everything you need to know about schedules, prices, and what to expect on your journey.

Koh Tao to Bangkok Schedule and Pricing

Traveling from Koh Tao to Bangkok involves a combination of ferry and bus services. Currently, the trip Koh Tao to Bangkok by speedboat is not offered. However, Lomprayah High Speed Ferries offers a reliable and efficient service, ensuring a smooth trip. 

There are 2 trips a day from Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao to Rambuttri Road in Bangkok. It is advisable to purchase your ticket from Koh Tao to Bangkok in advance to secure your spot and avoid any last-minute hassle.

  • Departure Times: 10:15 AM and 2:45 PM

  • Duration: Approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes

  • Price: THB 1250 to THB 1550 ($35 to $43)

When planning your trip, be sure to consider the cost and duration. The combination of ferry and bus is fairly cheap. 

Departure Details

Your journey begins at the picturesque Mae Haad Pier on Koh Tao. Known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, Koh Tao is a diver’s paradise. The ferry from Koh Tao to Bangkok is operated by Lomprayah High Speed Ferries. Before you board the ferries, have your tickets and identification ready for check-in process.

Destinations Served:

  • Mae Haad Pier (Koh Tao): Departure point, where you will board the ferries.

  • Rambuttri Road (Bangkok): Arrival point, close to the famous Khao San Road and various other attractions in Bangkok.

There is no train station directly at the pier. The combo Ferry and  Bus service ensures you reach your final destination in Bangkok comfortably.

Check-in Instructions

Check-in for Lomprayah High Speed Ferries starts 30 minutes before departure. It’s recommended to arrive early to secure your spot and enjoy a hassle-free boarding experience. It is highly advisable to purchase your ferry and bus ticket in advance.

Important Travel Information

  • The trip covers a distance of 348 miles (560 km).

  • The travel time is approximately 10 hours and 15 minutes.

  • The journey involves a high-speed catamaran ferry followed by a comfortable bus ride to Bangkok.

The ferry services provided by Lomprayah High Speed Ferries are comfortable and reliable. After the ferry docks, the bus departs promptly to ensure passengers arrive in Bangkok on schedule. Travelers can rest assured knowing that they are in the hands of an experienced ferry company.Remember to book your ticket from Koh Tao to Bangkok in advance. Enjoy the views, relax, and get ready to explore the city of Bangkok!


Traveling by speedboat is not available at the moment. The combination of high-speed catamaran ferries and buses offers a good plan B. Whether you're planning a quick getaway or a longer stay, this service provides an easy and reliable way to reach your destination. 

Whether you are planning to visit the bustling markets, historic temples, or enjoy the nightlife, Bangkok has something for everyone. The efficient ferry services and bus connections ensure that your trip is smooth and enjoyable. Safe travels and welcome to the wonders of Bangkok.