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The Best Beaches of Phuket

The Best Beaches of Phuket
4 January 2018

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand facing the Andaman Sea coastline on the west and Phang Nga province to the north connected together by Sarasin Bridge.

The stunning island is well known all over the world due to its attractive regions with an interesting variety of beautiful beaches, some of them are tranquil and relaxing, while others are always filled with thousands of people visiting them every year. Patong is the most famous party capital in all Asia.

In Phuket there are many things to see and do, the island hosts both small and big beaches that are featured with a tropical environment, and each beach has a specific scenery with different options to play our favorite sports and countless activities to do.

When it comes to accommodation; there are many options available that suit different budgets and interests, from bamboo bungalows to fancy five-star resorts. These places and beaches are accessible for everyone and they can be easily reached by renting or hiring a charter or long tail-boat.

Phuket is an island with 540 square-km offering rapid access to some of the most beautiful beaches around the world as well as some of the most amazing views; moreover, the island has a stunning variety of beaches that few islands can offer. Bottom line, Phuket is a place that has it all! Variety is the spice!

Nevertheless, there are many tour operators providing tours to the most iconic places as well as the nearest islands. Sneak a peek at our available trips between Phuket and the gorgeous surrounding islands!

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What can you do on all these beautiful beaches?

You can appreciate the natural beauty and history of Thailand through Phuket Island, from the serene coast of Bang Tao and the variety of diversions such as leisure and recreational activities, shopping, entertainment venues, sightseeing, as well as beach sports around all these enchanting gems in Phuket.

So, what are the Best Beaches of Phuket?

Note this down!

Patong Beach


It is the best-known beach in Phuket with a vivid nightlife and with a variety of activities which makes it ideal for those who love to party and play.

Patong has hundreds of restaurants, bars, Go Go Bars, and nightclubs centered along Bangla Road. For those who are looking for the exotic East; it will be difficult to find this in Patong, as streets are full of neon lights and hustle and bustle environment that could be a little overwhelming for the new visitors.

So, to enjoy this beach we have to breathe deeply, take everything slowly, drink water and repeat all the time “Don’t worry be happy” or
in Thai “Mai pen rai”

Advantages: great beach parties, making friends, go shopping, convenient, and especial for outgoing couples or singles.

Disadvantages: This place is always busy, nightlife is not for everyone. It is quite messy and touristy.

Karon Beach

This beach is located between Patong and Kata and it is the third largest beach in Phuket on the west coast. This is one of the best and most popular vacation destinations in Phuket.

Karon beach is relatively large, so no matter the number of tourists there; it won’t seem too crowded. This beach is ideal for snorkeling and diving lovers.

On Karon Beach, you have much to do mostly at Karon center which is kind of a small vivid city where you can find restaurants for dining, nightlife entertainment, and shopping. And, you can always visit the enchanting Buddhist temples.

In Karon Beach Road, you can go shopping at the famous Karon Bazaar, or walk around the evening strolls. There are also several resorts and of course, more than one restaurant. Another road to visit is Luang Poh Chuan on the southern end of Karon with many restaurants and the liveliest nightlife.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

This beach is just a few minutes away from Karon Beach. Kata Beach fascinates and enchants many tourists with its clear water and soft white sand. It also has an amazing barrier of palms, great restaurants, vivid but slow nightlife and a great variety of accommodation options.

If you want to catch Kata’s waves, you should go from May to October and if you are a sun seeker; you may go from November to April. Kata beach is divided into two areas; Kata Center which is at the northern so near to Karon, and Kata South where we can find many resorts and a variety of shops from mini shops to famous brands, as well as a wide range of dining options from the most expensive to the cheapest ones.

Kamala Beach

It is a stretch of sand located on the north of Patong. Here you can relax and feel more close to nature. This is a fishing village and enclosed bay surrounded by tropical hills and it is considered one of the most amazing places in Phuket with a quiet environment.

Kamala has become a favorite place over the last years for the retirees and those who stay for months in hotels, apartments, and villas.

Kamala beach has many luxury villas developments offering the tourists amazing views of Kamala Bay and its winding road.

Kamala has its own type of visitors that love it just the way it is. And for them, it’s a good thing that it doesn’t attract a lot of tourists, as they do not want a lot of people to come and spoil the beach to keep it as their charming secret escape.

Bangtao Beach

This is a beach that contrasts the first class resorts and villas. It is located just some minutes away from the town of Cherng Talay.

Along these six kilometers stretch of soft sand; lives the villagers who are doing the same job as their ancestor, fishing, rubber tapping, and farming.

Many areas of Bangtao Beach are untouched by big resorts. They are a natural environment where the visitors can feel that they have the beach to themselves. This is a place to feel the nature in its big splendor with the availability of some restaurants and bars.

Naturally Beautiful Surin

Many people call this beach “Millionaire Row” because many celebrities haunt luxury resorts here including The Surin, Twinpalms, and Amanpuri standing on the top of the hills in front of the Andaman Sea. Surin is popular with tourists and Thai alike because of its beautiful turquoise water and white sand that is lined with hotels and creating opportunities for high-end restaurants and bars.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn beach is considered one of the most stunning beaches in Phuket and everyone loves the clearance of its water, plus it has a lagoon with fresh water covered with tropical mountains. Most tourists love visiting this beach even though it is a small bay. It has a few hotels, shops, restaurants, and it is perfect for swimming from November to April, but you have to be careful from May to October because the gentle waves turn into strong currents making it perfect for surfers and kiteboarders. This beach has local restaurants that make it a fabulous place to relax and better if you do it with a sundowner.

Kata Noi

This enchanting tiny bay is placed so close to the hill of Kata Beach. Here at Kata Noi, you can contemplate the amazing scenery which is the main reason why tourists come here; of course, you can also relax, swim, walk on the soft white sand, or even do some snorkeling.

During the monsoon season (from May to October), it becomes a popular spot for surfers and could be dangerous for swimming.

Kata Noi has a very popular stunning Viewpoint just five minute-drive away, from there you can observe the bay of Karon, Kata, and Kata Noi. It is a great viewpoint to observe the nature, the sea, and the tropical environment.

Kata Noi Beach

If you got a little hungry; there are local restaurants that offer delicious food with good prices, moreover, you can find international cuisine restaurants at Kata Noi. You will also find vendors who serve all kinds of food and snacks including the famous pizza.

If you’re looking for a fancier restaurant; we recommend the Katathani Resort for a better dining experience.

Mai Khao Beach

This beach belongs to Sirinat National Park with eleven kilometers long, fortunately, it is undeveloped under the protection of Sirinat Park and the only construction allowed for the moment is JW Marriot Phuket Resort and of course the International Airport which is located so close to Nai Yang.

Mai Khao Beach is relatively desolate most of the time, you can walk kilometers without seeing a person. From May to November it is a little dangerous due to a sharp drop off in the Andaman Sea.

Mai Khao Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand on the northwest coast of Phuket Island with a special ground for turtles. This is one of the most peaceful beaches, and it is great for long seaside strolls.

There are many hotels located near the beach like Marriott's Phuket Beach Club and Mai Khao Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao Phuket.

Paradise Beach

It is a wonderful place and one of most attractive beaches that you can find in Phuket. Right across Patong Bay, there is a fabulous view to admire these 150 meters around this tropical gem, and there is also another incredible tiny beach next to it. Paradise Beach features nodding palm trees to protect you from the sun and almonds trees with two sand ends where we can see granites rocks and some reef. To access Paradise Beach, you will need to pay about 100 baht entrance fee.

There are many activities available there such as snorkeling, body boarding, scuba diving, and kayaking. This beach is visited by some students from Patong Beach’s dive centers to explore the reef that Paradise Beach offers. You can also enjoy some beach volleyball, relax in the sun, or experience the feeling of dropping into the water from a swinging rope.

Nai Yang

Simply, if you want to know what beach life is about; visit Nai Yang. Nai Yang is so close to the airport, it just takes you five minutes to get there. Here, the area is full of Casuarina trees providing shady spots for food and souvenir vendors. Most of the people who visit Nai Yang enjoy absolute relaxation. The northern part of the beach belongs to the Sirinath National Park and it is still an unspoiled spot. If the rain or sun hit hard; there are some pavilions to sit and rest, this beach still has a commercial feeling, the same we can find in Patong or

Dream Beach club is a relaxing place on Layan Beach, it is right on the sand and it is one of the largest clubs in Thailand. It features a swimming pool, bars, and comfortable sun lounge chairs.

This is one of the best clubs in Phuket. Here you can find a variety of delicious food; Thai or Western at affordable prices in a great environment to enjoy lunch, drink your wine, or a sundowner. Near the beach, you have a small pier that goes along a tiny river to reach a lagoon to the north of Koh Kata.

You may go all around Koh Kala, and at the pier, you can also find a few shops to buy snacks, drinks, and fruits. On the road near the beach, you can find a toilet-shower booth to clean up before driving back to the hotel.

Layan Beach

Layan Beach is the name of the northern end of Bangtao Beach. This is a very quiet area which makes it different from other beaches on the west coast of Phuket where you can relax looking at the tall pine trees lined on the beach.

Most of the people who visit this beach are expatriated and local Thais and the beach hasn’t changed much since the last 20 years.

Here the sea is very calm because Layan Beach is placed in front of a tiny island named Koh Kala at its northern part.

Layan Beach is a tiny easily accessible gem distant from the crowds.

It is another paradise in Phuket with many trees to protect visitors from the sun making it popular among the locals and easy to explore the places around like the lagoon with some villas and properties with no much development in the area.

The Best Small Beaches

Freedom Beach

It is a stunning gem on the west coast of Phuket. It has about 300- meter long strip of white sand located in a superb bay surrounded by hills with granite rocks and a tropical thick jungle. Fortunately, it is kind of difficult to access it, although nowadays things are getting better. On this beach you can swim and sunbath, as well as play beach soccer, beach volleyball, and of course snorkeling. Here at Freedom Beach, you can have the fauna and flora with shallow water in a quiet atmosphere where you just listen to the long-tails boats transporting visitors.

Laem Singh Beach

It is located between Kamala and Surin beaches on the west coast and it’s among the most amazing beaches in Phuket.

It is a 150-meter beach situated in a hidden bay with many palm trees around lined with giant boulders like a secret beach, yet, it is becoming famous because of its size. Lately, it is getting a little crowded during the high season; even a fee of 100 baht to enter the beach has not diminished its popularity.

Unfortunately, the parking fee is not easy to negotiate especially during the high season, however, it’s still cheap; it will cost you about 20 baht for a motorcycle and around 40 baht for a car.

Laem Singh Beach

Ya Nui

Ya Nui is situated between two beautiful viewpoints; Phrom Theo and another one that features large windmills/propeller power generators, near here you can find two great bungalows; Yanui Bungalows and Nai Ya Bungalow. Of course, this beach is perfect for snorkeling, fishing, and Kayaking.

Children love collecting shells on this little cove because the sand is soft. You can get to Ya Nui by going up to the north side of Phrom Thep then descend to Ya Nui. The second way is from Nai Harn by driving south over the hill, crossing the propeller viewpoint then descend to the beach.

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