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All You Need to Know about Nightlife in Phuket

All You Need to Know about Nightlife in Phuket
14 July 2021

Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and has 32 islands outside its territory of 45 square-km and it is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. The Sarasin Bridge connects Phuket with Phang Nga province to the north and to the east with Krabi.

Phuket is really a paradise with tiny islands and lots of things to do off and on the island and we are going to describe Phuket‘s nightlife where there are endless places to enjoy your night and have a wonderful experience that will be difficult to forget.

There are venues from the cheapest ones to the luxury bars, restaurants, as well as hotels even for those who are on a tight budget.

The Nightlife in Phuket

Phuket is well-known around the world for its nightlife’s activities, many people consider that the beach, the sun, and the parties all go together and that what makes the fame of Phuket and attracts revelers around the world. A place where you have parties, venues, bars, discotheques, go-go bars, ladyboy cabarets shows, discos and clubs, everything to enjoy the nightlife.

The most famous spot in Phuket is Bangla Road with candescent neon lights, lively music, and unlimited dancing.

Let’s check out some of the best nightlife places in Phuket!

Bangla Road is undoubtedly the most famous place in Phuket and around the world when it comes to hard partying! The street that seems to have everything to enjoy a wonderful night with much to do and see. This is the place where you can find venues with international standards along the street, hundreds of go-go bars, vendors, street performances, ladyboy bars, games and more.

The nightclubs there are among the most well-known; like Beach Road’s Banana and Seduction where famous DJs move the multitudes such as Nakadia from Thailand, DJ Bert Bevans, or David Morales who rocks those places till the dawn.

Beach clubs in Phuket have everything to offer a splendid night to their special guests, and in this way, they administer a venue to make it successful and participate in the competition for a hot trend club. so, in Phuket beach clubs, you are going to find the perfect ingredients to enjoy a grandiose night such as; modern style with natural elements close to the beach touching the sand, which invites recognized artists combined with capable staff who know how to prepare delicious cocktails and chefs to create great tapas or special snacks to eat with the drinks as well as the sunset to enchant all the guests.

Sunset Bars are very attractive for the visitors and all these bars have splendid sunset views on Kata Island overlooking Kata Noi Beach. They are lovely places to gaze at the stars above and feel the breeze while listening to the sound of reggae music. Some of the best are After Beach, Baan Chom and Small Viewpoint.

Simon Cabaret Sirirat Road is a famous institution in Phuket with a humble beginning in a simple shop to become the star leading the number one extravaganza transgender club. In this venue, the performers get the visitors attention with extraordinary professional shows with excellent music and a variety of routines that impress the tourists.

Phuket FantaSea is a theme park surrounded by gardens with the largest buffets in all Asia, and it presents business shows with a mixture of imagination, myth, legend adding the history to make the final show great and fascinating to all the audiences, this is a kind of unique place in Phuket to entertain the masses with exotic shows.

Live Music Patong Beach is the center of bands playing Rock music hosting heavy metal bands, we have two places where we can enjoy this kind of music, they are; Timber Hut and Rokin’ Angels along Yaowarat Road. These are the best places to go; mostly visited by Thai customers with a mixture of western and Thai music, we can recommend the house band Eurasia and Sunday band too, here the prices are reasonable and the energy is in the air.

Gay Phuket Patong Beach In Phuket, there are streets filled with gay bars, massage parlors, restaurants, because as we know, there is everything in the vineyard of the Lord. Here we can find some famous gay bars like Boat Bar and Flying Handbag, most of these bars have cabaret shows and they are located on the street leading to Royal Paradise.

Thai Boxing Patong Beach Thai boxing is so famous around the world with many fans and Patong has two boxing places with shows or fights during the weeks including weekends, the first is located on Soi Sai Namyen and the second one at Bangla Boxing Stadium. These two places are special for those guys who love this demanding sport.

Dino Park Mini Golf Patong Beach This mini-golf course and restaurant is between Kata and Karon beaches. The course has 18 holes with dinosaur statues creating the décor as well as an erupting volcano. This is a club to enjoy with friends, family, or your loved one, and it gives you that feeling of being in an actual forest.

Great Beach Clubs in Phuket

Phuket has more than 30 beaches around the island and of course, beach clubs are there with small pools or big pools from the most expensive to the budget-friendly. They know their job and what attracts tourists from all around the world. In these places you are going to find the softest sand with amazing sunset views, well-known international chefs to fix delicious snacks with the preparation of exotic cocktails and drinks beside that a great environment with modern décor using natural materials; all these elements to ensure that the tourist has a chilled-out day. It is the perfect formula that all great clubs put into practice to stand out.

Café del Mar Phuket is placed at the end of Kamala Beach, it's a good place to represent the famous brand that first originated from Ibiza; it was opened here at the beginning of 2017 with a sophisticated atmosphere and a high-quality environment and an excellent music. This is an ideal place to have a drink, a good sundowner, a great cocktail to sip while observing a breathtaking sunset, here we can find the Thai and international snacks at maybe a little higher price than the average, all this accompanied by house music that is played by the resident or guest DJs.

Xana Beach Club is on Bangtao Beach Phuket; once the sun sets it becomes a hip bar or club. They have excellent mojitos, a wide variety of Thai cuisine, Tapas, Mediterranean and European cuisine.

HQ Beach Lounge Phuket is at the end of Kamala Beach, it's kind of small and modest in scope, and this is among the few places where you have direct access to the beach with a great cuisine and a plenty of drinks’ options in a relaxing and luxurious setting.

Dream Beach Club is an excellent place to chill and party out loud. It is the only club located right on the beach and among the largest in all Thailand. It has two swimming pools, more than one hundred comfortable loungers and four bars, excellent to party on the sand.

Paradise Beach Club Phuket is the home to the exclusive full moon parties with a large area in an isolated bay so close to Patong beach. Here you have restaurants, shops, and beach parties on Koh Phangan’s style and with that touch of exclusivity with prices that everyone can afford.

Catch Beach Club is close to Sunwing Resort and is an enjoyable place for everyone including the family, kids, as well as the residents who always visit this venue with a pool to play some sports and of course, to enjoy the delicious food, excellent cocktails, and a list of great wine.

Iguana Beach Club is placed in the middle of Kamala and Kalim Beaches on a small beautiful beach, the owners named this venue Iguana because of an iguana-shaped big rock they saw there while sunbathing. It is a great cozy place of approximately 20 meters with views of the Andaman Sea.

COAST Beach Club & Bistro Phuket Mostly dedicated to Centara Grand Beach Resort’s guests but this hotel bar restaurant is open to all tourists. Here you can have your food by the sand; specialized in tuna, barbecue lamb, etc. COAST hosts events like pool parties with a great selection of performers from Magicians to singers and acrobats.

KUDO Beach Club Is famous for its tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, it is located in Patong Beach and perfect for those who are looking for a luxurious setting to get something to drink or eat in a scenic location. Here, they are specialized in Mojitos that you can drink observing the fascinating Andaman Sea as well as the venue cocktails accompanied by a variety of dishes like bruschetta or chickens wings.

NY Beach Republic Phuket is a cocktail bar at Nai Yang Beach, placed about just five minutes from the airport by a taxi. It's specialized in cocktails combined with a relaxing atmosphere all right by the beach. You deserve one or two cocktails under a palm tree after walking all day long around Phuket.

Best Nightclubs in Phuket

Here we are going to present the five most famous Patong nightclubs where you can have fun in a safe environment as well as meet new friends, and dance until the sunset on the rhythm of exciting beats.

Illuzion Show & Discotheque can suit almost everyone, located at Bangla Road in Patong and imposing in the center of the nightlife of Phuket. Illuzion is hosted on the second floor of a large edifice equipped with a high-quality sound and lighting able to host any event. Here you can meet famous international DJs as well as shows performed by international or local dancers.

Seduction Nightclub is exactly like its name says; they aim for seduction with all the professional staff; DJs, bartenders, waitresses, dancers, and security guards to ensure all guests are having a great night in Patong Beach. It is set on Seduction Complex and is special for young people who want to have a great night. This venue can host many people (more than 3,000) dancing at the beats of modern great music and have the times of their lives.

White Room Nightclub has a touch of sophistication thanks to its décor and design along with the talented staff on stage, besides the lighting and sound systems. It is an old and famous name in Patong right on Bangla Road, a large and fantastic place to party.

Tiger Disco is like a collection of bars on your right and left. It features high, big round tables with bar stools. Tiger Disco is identified by tiger statues that complement the décor and at the back of the bars, there is a stage for bands. If you want to observe the scene from above, you have to go to a third storey where there is the DJs’ booth and some pool tables.

Hollywood Bar on Bangla Road had played an important role as a brilliant star at the beach end and suddenly changed its name. Now it is returning as "Hollywood" with excellent house music and lightning to entertain the guests again in the same style as it used to do.

Go-Go bars in Phuket

They are part of the entertainment for tourists of all ages looking for the neon lights, lively nights, and fun times on Bangla Road. These go-go bars have seats around the room, where the guests or patrons are invited by some girls or ladies for a friendly companionship at a little higher price. There are excellent and bad Go-Go bars from the dingy hovel to well-designed. To keep you on the safe side; we are going to name some of the best Go-Go bars in Phuket. 

Suzy wong's is among the most famous and well-known on Soi-Seadragon although it is kind of small, it features a social and friendly atmosphere with dance shows and Asian-oriental décor, girls on uniform wearing cowboy hats giving a touch of Wild East dancing on the five poles on stage. Suzy Wong’s is relatively small and is always busy all night long.

Harem A Go Go If you are looking for a luxurious go-go bar, you should go to Harem A go-go bar in Patong. Despite being really huge, it was rebuilt and redesigned to give the tourist a new touch of comfort with its two stages and small platforms, general appearance, and fancy decoration. It has good prices, same as the others venues around.

Devil’s Playground AS Go-Go even known as Suzy Wong’s number two because it gives the same vibe with some differences; Devil’s Playground has unique interior and exterior design so close to Bangla Road. This go-go bar has replaced the poles for hanging chains.

Live Music Bars in Phuket

There are some amazing live music bars in Phuket that really knows the effect of music on audiences and live music is their highlight. The quality of the bands and their performances attracts tourist and improve the popularity of the venue. In Phuket, these bars have great bands that play almost every kind of music from blues to heavy metal.

We are going to mention some places with great live music accompanied by a cool atmosphere where you can sip your drink tapping your foot to the music beat.

Hard Rock Café has been there since 2009, located on Rat-U-Thit Rd. This is the third venue in Thailand that offers good music and the famous Tex-Mex delicacies with taste and class. Hard Rock Café is for those who love great rock music in a good environment with western food.

Red Rock Café is not a place for a cup of coffee or a relaxing conversation because of the wide-screen TVs showing sports and the loud music. This place serves delicious food until late hours and it is the perfect place for a lively night action at reasonable prices in the middle of all things that are happening.

Rock city is also located on Patong Beach, and it's for those guys who love hard rock and heavy metal music. Here you can listen to many bands with their different style from the 70s, 80s, and 90s all those great rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Gun’s n Roses etc. These musicians are real entertainers and they are highly skilled and great musicians as well as chatters and jokers to keep the audience amused.

Most Famous Bars in Soi Bangla Area

Aussie Bar is an excellent bar for families with TVs showing sports, three pool tables and seating 250 punters and of course, the exquisite Thai and Australian cuisine. This one is a bit different and comfy as it is suitable for families and kids too.

Kangooroo bar is a bar where the staff always have a smile for you or a good joke. It is located on Bangla Road with a relaxing easy-going atmosphere and affordable prices.

You can have the best nightlife in Phuket and here we are going to make that dream come true.

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