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From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta Ferry, Speedboat or Bus

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From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta

From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta: Islands Adventures Await

Koh Lanta, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Island), is a gem among Thailand's islands. The island's name has intriguing origins. Some believe it stems from "Pulau Satak," a Malay term meaning "long beach."

It resonates with its beautiful coastline. It features nearly a dozen of the country's most breathtaking beaches. Or, it might have derived from "Lantas," a Javanese word signifying "fish grill." This interpretation aligns with Koh Lanta's reputation for its underwater world and vibrant coral reefs. It makes it a renowned destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Koh Lanta Yai, while often flying under the radar, boasts exceptional swimming and diving experiences that rival those found on more famous Krabi islands. With its tranquil and less crowded atmosphere, complemented by a wide array of amenities and services, visitors can look forward to a serene and comfortable stay on this hidden gem of an island.

Koh Lanta island lacks its airport, making Krabi Airport the most convenient gateway. Situated approximately 70 km from Krabi Town, this airport provides easy access to the island. Ferry tickets from Nopparat Thara Pier, in Ao Nang Beach, can transport you from the nearby islands to Koh Lanta.

During your stay, don't miss the chance to explore the island's natural wonders. The famous Long Beach and its white sands is a must-see.

Additionally, consider taking day trips to nearby islands. You could taste delicious local cuisine at food stalls, and get around on a tuk-tuk. Koh Lanta's charms await those who seek to experience the quieter side of Thailand's island life.

From Ao Nang to Koh Lanta by boat

The ferry is always the best option when it comes to price and quality. Not to mention the view of the Andaman sea and the famous limestone cliffs of Krabi rising above the water. Don't miss the chance to explore the island's stunning beauty and serene atmosphere.

From Nopparat Thara Pier to Saladan Pier

The ferry will take you from Nopparat Thara Pier in Ao Nang’s to Saladan Pier in Lanta. Nopparat Thara Pier is a few minutes away from Nopparat Thara Beach. Saladan Pier is located north of Koh Lanta, in a small authentic town.

Best time to visit

From November to February is the perfect time to visit the island. It is the driest time of the year and also the busiest. The rainy season (green season) is during May all the way to October. If you prefer fewer crowds and lower prices, visiting during the green season can be a good option, as long as you are prepared for some rain. Note that an increasing number of travelers visit the island during the green season.

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