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From Phuket to Railay Ferry, Speedboat or Bus

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Travel from Phuket to Railay Beach by Ferry & Speedboat

Both vacationers in Thailand and tourists from around the globe love going to Railay beach. Phuket isn't half-bad a resort destination either. They're both among the best vacation spots in Thailand.

They're prized gems in Thai tourism for sure—one a city within an island of the same name (Phuket), the other a peninsula located between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang (Railay beach).

Phuket itself has many places tourists adore, such as its 19th Century shop-houses and Sino-Portuguese buildings at Old Town to its Great Buddha of Phuket, which sits atop Nakkerd Hill near Chalong.

Railay Beach is also famous among tourists for its rock climbing opportunities due to the limestone cliff at the edge of the beach.

Travel Traveling from Phuket to Railay

Traveling from Phuket to Railay and Vice-Versa 101

Both Phuket and Railay are ferry-convenient places to travel to and fro at your leisure. You can also avail of the speedboat, minivan, and longboat combo deal for good measure.

The availability of such ferries and speedboats depends on when you decide to make your trip and how short notice it is. If it's reserved for much later, you can get better, more affordable deals for the trip.

Speedboats are faster but will cost you extra to use them. They also travel shorter distances, necessitating multiple stops and piers before you can reach your Railay Bay destination. The cost-effective option is by ferry cruise at longer routes and fewer stops.

Ferries allow you to travel at a more leisurely pace, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of gorgeous Thailand while going through stopovers like the evergreen Chong Lard Pier at Koh Yao Yai and Nopparat Thara Pier at the Ao Nang resort town.

Because of changing weather patterns and unforeseen natural disasters, the departure and arrival times are subject to change. As a passenger, go to your designated departure area per your schedule to avoid missing any rides.

As an eco-friendly company, has negotiated with providers to allow the display of their e-tickets by mobile phone instead of by printout. View the terms and conditions for more details.

Please take note that the price of the ticket doesn't include the entrance fee and any additional fees and surcharges.

Book a Ferry

How to Book a Ferry Through Phuket Ferry

The operators of speedboats and ferries listed in are regulated and approved by the Thailand Navy itself.

This means that their boats follow strict standards, like requiring regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they're always safe and seaworthy.

The website for Phuket Ferry also makes it easier for the average traveler to filter out which ferries or speedboats to avail of when traveling from Phuket to Railay. Some might even feature multiple ports to arrive in or depart from.

To book a ferry from Phuket to Railay beach, you should do the following.

● Go to Put in the departure destination (Phuket), arrival destination (Railay), travel date, and the number of passengers. Click "Search".

● The travel date indicates whether you'll be traveling later today on short notice, a week from now, or a month from now as well as how long the trip will be.

● The passenger option indicates whether you're traveling alone as a legal adult (e.g., 1 adult) or as a family (e.g., 1 adult and 1 child or 2 adults and 3 children).

● Go through the different options available. You can sort by departure time (earliest to latest), departure time (latest to earliest), price, and duration of the trip.

● Pick an available ferry or speedboat operator. Go with the price you can afford or the experience you'd prefer.

● The cheaper option can mean multiple stops and a minivan ride. A slightly more expensive trip might mean fewer stops but longer travel time. Click on the "Trip Details" of each ride to learn more.

● You can pay for your online bookings via MasterCard or VISA. PayPal is also a viable payment option for as well.

● You'll be emailed an e-ticket after you've confirmed the purchase of your trip.

● Don't be late when getting to your departure destination, which in this case is Bang Rong Pier at Phuket. Ferries leave on schedule and won't wait for late passengers.

● The terms and conditions for refunds will vary from operator to operator. Click on "Trip Details" to learn more about rescheduling, cancellation, and refunds for your specific operator of choice.

The peak travel season for lasts from October to April, This means trip frequency and the number of fleets available should increase significantly around this time to better accommodate the seasonal influx of travelers locally and internationally.

Therefore, if you wish to get more operator options and better deals than what's available during the off-season, book a trip every October to April instead or any month near the peak season.

From Rassada Pier to Railay Bay

Railay Bay is not an actual pier, there is no buildings, no concrete, only the white sand, the sea, and the boats.

From Rassada Pier the ferries take you directly to Railay Bay without changing boats or stopping anywhere along the way.

The trip takes 2 hrs 15 mins and costs 670 THB.

The ferries operate daily in the high season ( from November to April ).

From Sea Angel Pier to Railay Bay

Because you have to change boats in Koh Phi Phi, this route is considered to be longer as the waiting time in Koh Phi Phi is up to .

The ferry will take you from Phuket’s Sea Angel Pier to Tonsai Pier in Koh Phi Phi in . Changing boats in Koh Phi Phi to go straight to Railay in .

This trip costs  and the price includes both ferries.

There are 3 companies operating on this route from Phuket to Railay, offering up to 4 trips per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does a ferry trip from Phuket to Railay cost? Click to Show Click to Hide

A: You can avail of relatively affordable ferries and speedboats to go from Phuket to Railay beach and vice-versa. The cost can range from ฿1,000 ($29) to ฿1,190 ($34) for speedboats. At certain dates, you can get a ferry cruise for as low as ฿670 ($19).

Q: I want to get from Phuket to Railay beach quickly. Can I take a speedboat instead of a ferry there?

A: Sure, but only if they're available. Alas, only able-bodied adults are allowed to ride them. They're not recommended for handicapped people, pregnant women, infants, those with back issues or heart problems, or children under three years old.

Q: How can I get cheaper deals and better options at

A: The deals found on can change depending on the travel date you've chosen. You can get better deals by booking at a later date or during off-season. Certain operators only operate during certain seasons as well.

Q: Is a ferry trip from Phuket to Railay more expensive during the holidays?

A: Yes. During the holidays, certain tickets do get more expensive. The ฿670 ($19) ferry trip can raise its price to ฿720 ($20) if you book the trip during Christmas; ditto with the ฿1,190 ($34) speedboat trip becoming ฿1,240 ($36) instead.

Q: Which ferry companies operate between Phuket and Railay?

A: It depends on when you book and what's available on that date. During off-season, they have operators like Green Planet and Koh Yao Sun Smile regularly operating. At certain dates, you can avail of trips via Ao Nang Travel and Tour Co. Ltd.

Q: How long does ferry travel take from Phuket to Railay Beach?

A: Green Planet has an economy class speedboat and minivan/bus deal from Bang Rong Pier to Railay Bay that only lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. With Koh Yao Sun Smile, its travel time instead lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes. Ao Nang Travel and Tour Co., Ltd. offers ferry trips that last 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Q: Where are the meeting points for Phuket and Railay Beach?

A: You'll ride speedboats from Bang Rong Pier to Manoh Pier to Chong Lard Pier to Nopparat Thara Pier. Or you can ride ferries from Rassada Pier to Ao Nang Pier to Railay Bay.

Q: A ferry or speedboat from Phuket to Railay Bay means it's a nonstop trip across the Andaman Sea, right?

A: Not necessarily. Ao Nang has two stopovers—Rassada Pier to Ao Nang Pier then Ao Nang Pier to Railay Bay. Koh Yao Sun Smile, in contrast, goes through the same multi-pier route as Green Planet, which includes stops at Manoh Pier, Chong Lard Pier, and Nopparat Thara Pier until you reach Railay Bay.

Q: What does a "Ferry + Bus" trip from Phuket to Railay beach entail?

A: Green Planet has a "Ferry + Bus" trip that simply means you'll be taking a bus or minivan at one of the stops to your trip. You'll specifically ride a shared minivan from Nopparat to Nam Mao Pier, from which you'll then sail on a long-tail boat straight to Railay Bay.

What to Expect of Phuket and Railay Beach

What to Expect of Phuket and Railay Beach

What's not to like about lovely Phuket? It gives even the world-famous Bali beaches a run for their money with its clear waters and soft powdery sand. The city and its namesake island are slightly more developed than Bali but not necessarily as cosmopolitan as Bangkok.

The whole place thrives in beautiful chaos, with its active nightlife, lively celebrations, and parade of friendly locals that charm many tourists and vacationers out there.

Phuket is also home to The Great Buddha of Phuket. You can access the religious monument by hiking from Phuket City to Karon Beach for 2.5 hours. It's a worthwhile expedition that truly immerses you in Thai culture.

As for Railay, which is also spelled as Rai Leh, it's a peninsula instead of an island with a namesake beach that's all the rage among vacationers targeting a new fresh flavor in tropical beaches.

It is cut off from access by the mainland due to its high limestone cliffs that are quite popular among rock climbing enthusiasts. Therefore, you can only access the place by ferry boat or speedboat. Ironically, many foreigners visit it for the sake of rock climbing.

Nevertheless, there's more to Railay than just climbing cliffs and mountains. It's also home to Phra Nang Cave at its Phra Nang Cave Beach. You can go cave exploring or laze about at the nearby beach.

Railay Beach is a place filled with pure vibes, relaxation, and peacefulness. The secluded locals there are quite chill while the tourists tend to follow suit. Available accommodations range from resort hotels to affordable bungalows.

In contrast to the adrenaline junkie rock climbers and cave explorers, the tourists chilling at the multiple luxury resort beaches available in Railay have a more tranquil attitude to life as they enjoy serenity in paradise.

Thanks to the Phuket Ferry website, you don't have to hunt far and wide for specific available ferry boat or speedboat trips from Phuket to Railay beach. Just set a course and buy a ticket. It's really super simple!

We are always here for our customers! Have more questions? Go to our help page and Leave us a message.