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Types of Accommodation in Phuket

Types of Accommodation in Phuket
14 February 2018

Phuket, the biggest and most popular island in Thailand, it receives millions of tourists every year. In the recent boom, South East Asia has had in the last decade; Phuket has always been one of the main points of interest in the area.

This charming destination, the pearl of the Andaman Sea is a lovely island at the south of Bangkok. Phuket is a true landscape, the views there are worthy of a postcard; sheer blue sea, shores of golden sands, and awe-inspiring beaches, kind, gentle locals, and breathtaking sunsets are some of the reasons why tourists love spending their vacations on this wonderful island.

In addition, Phuket is considered as a big island, capable of receiving thousands of tourists at the same time, the island has the place for all. Services are well developed offering their visitors the best experience no matter how big or small their budget is.

In this amazing island, services come in any size and shape, every kind of traveler will find exactly what he/she was looking for, whatever it is, you can find it in Phuket. Moreover, when speaking about accommodations, the range of available options is very wide; from humble guesthouses to luxurious resorts, everything is possible in this dreamy place.

It is really important to have something in mind before arriving at the island, especially if you are planning to book for the high season. Phuket is big and has hundreds of options yet you are not the only one who has this destination in mind for the next vacation; early booking is absolutely recommended.

As usual, we are here to help you have the best time on your vacation trip at Phuket Island; based on that, we have resumed all the information any traveler should know before booking, by following these recommendations, your decision will be the acutest one.


Budget In Phuket Island, there are all kinds of accommodations available for a myriad of budgets; not only for places to stay yet in general matters too. It is important to say that in this island, the biggest amount of big and luxury resorts are located, in comparison with neighboring islands.

Moreover, Phuket is also filled with places to stay for lower budgets; there is no need to spend a fortune to have a great time here. On the island, there are some guesthouses, humble yet comfortable hostels, mid-range hotels, and of course 5-star hotels too.

Prices in Phuket are high when compared with other islands from the Andaman Sea; yet, as most of the travelers come from the western region of the world, prices are affordable due to the exchange of currencies.


Phuket Town Phuket is a big island; there, you will find different types of accommodation settled in different regions of the island. Travelers can choose from places right on the beach or with beachfront views, centrally located places or in isolated hills, staying in the main street or getting a bit more of peace going further, it will all depend on the tourist’s likes and tastes.

The west coast of the island is the most popular ones, and also it is the region with the gorgeous beaches and, as a consequence, the most visited and crowded too. In these popular beaches, the range of accommodation is wide and varied, prices are lower in areas such as Patong, Karon, and Kata yet anticipated booking is absolutely advised.

On the other hand, Phuket Town which is actually the capital city of the entire island is the region with the lowest prices in Phuket; while beaches in the north coast are more isolated, which means fewer options and higher prices but it also means better quality and a great place to relax.

In here, we are about to show you all the available types of accommodation in Phuket island so every traveler can have a better idea of what to look after and where to find it.

Beach Front

Beach Front In the west side of the island which is recognized for having the most wonderful beaches, it is easy to find several accommodation options spread all over the beaches from the area.

In beach areas such as Patong, Karon and Kata tourists may find from mid-range hotels to luxury ones, it all depends on the likes and budgets of the visitor’s plan according to spending in the accommodation aspect; moreover, even the cheaper ones are well maintained and clean.

Given the fact those beaches are so famous, it is easier to find good places to stay and cheap beach hotels are a lot more common than you might imagine; yet booking early is completely necessary as you will definitely not be the only one looking for a room here.

Moreover, fancy hotels including Marriot, Best Western, and Holiday Inn among others are also available in places such as Kamala Beach, Mai Khao, Bangtao, Panwa, Kata, Rawai, Patong beach and many others.

Features may vary from one place to another, same happens with prices yet in these areas, it is sure every traveler will find what they are looking for. Actually, in the streets nearby the beaches, some locals offer guesthouse services, especially for backpackers who are in the need of low prices while being close to the action.

City Town

City Town In Phuket town, the accommodation options are not based on luxury yet on comfort; they are mostly modest in size and can be classified as mid-range or 3-4 star hotels. Moreover, prices are very convenient for every type of budget.

Staying in Phuket Town allows travelers to get into the historical context of the island, the place is vivid and there are many things to do, places to visit and food to taste, everything is a short walk distance.

The historical heritage of the island is kept here, staying in Phuket Town gives their visitors the opportunity to have wonderful walks at day or night around the beautiful Sino-Portuguese Houses and lovely stores and markets dotted all over the place.

On the other hand, beaches are accessible from here too, any transportation way will be required yet travelers can have the best of both worlds staying in this area. The area is secure and vivid, yet not as crazy as other areas and the prices make it even more interesting.


Backpackers This type of travelers is very common on the island, especially Australians looking for the best waves to surf, yet they are not the only ones as waves in Phuket are an excellent attraction for surfers. For those adventurous souls seeking for a place to sleep, basic services and barely something else, there are plenty of opportunities on Phuket Island.

In the main areas, there is a myriad of hotels and guesthouses wherein rooms can be rented by groups or you can share them with other guests. Some of them offer extra services such as breakfast or dinner, Wi-Fi, showers, and beds are included for an incredibly low price which makes hostels and guesthouses the best options for backpackers or tourists traveling on a budget.

Some of the areas where this kind of accommodations is available are Phuket Town, Kata Beach, Patong Beach, Muang, among others.

This type of hostels is very convenient when trying to save money and meeting people from all over the world in the same time; yet tourists must be very respectful as they are sharing rooms with other people, not making too much noise or arriving very late, for example.

Kids-Friendly/Family Plans

Kids-Friendly/Family Plans Undoubtedly, Phuket is one of the most family-friendly destinations in Thailand, many areas of the island have accommodations oriented to family, it is not all about wild parties as some people may say; these places combine tropical weather, beautiful, secure beaches, a bit more serene nightlife and tons of activities that both adults and children can enjoy together.

However, plans for little kids are not always related with hotels; on the island, there is a wide range of parks, animal sanctuaries, museums, and water parks which offer excellent plans to spend the day. Moreover, family related hotels are frequently located around areas wherein activities for kids can be performed.

Based on those places, the tourism industry has taken places all over the island to establish family-oriented resorts from all kinds (especially from mid-range to 5-star resorts); those places are in almost every location, more isolated, offering privacy and serenity to have a wonderful trip in Phuket.

Mai Khao, Kamala, and Karon are the perfect zones for families; there, hotels have all-inclusive packages and features such as swimming pools, kid’s room, and even babysitter services are available. Some of them even have private portions of the beach to ensure your security and joy.


Honeymooners Phuket is an idyllic destination; its beauty and charm make it so eligible for couples and newlyweds to have a wonderful trip there. In the recent years, Phuket has been selected by couples to spend their first days as husband and wife in its pristine bays.

There is no doubt that Phuket has everything a couple needs to have unforgettable memories of their trip, wonderful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, a huge collection of places to visit, activities to do and isolated places to relax and enjoy.

There are many matters involved in order to classify an accommodation as a romantic one, or special for couples and honeymooners. First of all, location: it has to be serene and breathtaking at the same time (Phuket has it covered).

Secondly, the finest restaurants with tasty dishes served in perfect terraces, fancy bars with a wide selection of wines and cocktails.

Thirdly, exotic rooms with private balconies and pools, soft beds and big bathtubs surrounded by candles, and many more.

Briefly, there are hundreds of details that add magic to a place; luckily for lovers! Resorts in Phuket are experts in those details. Phuket has the best hotels in paradisiac locations, perfect to enjoy every day and night equally.

Quieter, yet beautiful and interesting areas such as Karon, Mai Khao, Choeng, Kamala and Ko Yao have the majority of resorts oriented to couples. Be aware of the high prices you may find.

Places for Groups

Places for Groups These ones are by far the best places to stay for those young travelers having a good time with a group of friends. For them, luxury is not a must, yet being comfortable is. Moreover, their first option is being in an area full of activities, good beaches, bars and discos to party.

Common in the group of travelers, guesthouses can be a little bit less than what they are looking for, yet spas, personals chefs, and boutiques are too much. Mid-range hotels are spread over the main areas in Phuket.

3,4-star hotels in Phuket have an acceptable relationship between price and quality. Patong, Kathu, and Karon areas are the ones which have more hotels in this style; they are filled with all the basic services, restaurants, Wi-Fi and big rooms to share with your group for prices even under $100.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

Pet-Friendly Hotels When we say that Phuket has space for everyone, we say it for real, including pet members of the family too. For some people, the idea of planning a trip is very difficult because they have a four-legged member of the family that cannot be left behind.

Not many places allow visitors to carry their pets with them, yet it is possible in Phuket. The ranges of accommodation options that allow tourists to come with their pets are limited yet there are quite enough to let you pick the one that fits better with your likes, budget, and convenience.

There is no need to spend your vacation days feeling guilty for having left your pets in kennels or pets daycares while you are enjoying your time on the beach, wondering how you could have brought them with you?

Nevertheless, it sounds perfect, unless your pet is not a cat or a dog; the pet-friendly hotels in Phuket mostly accept only two types of animals; in case you are an owner of another animal, your best option is to call the hotel first.

In Cape Panwa, there is the Sri Panwa Luxury Pool Villa Hotel; in Karon, CC’s Hideaway and Ibis Phuket Kata Hotel, while in Patong Beach there are the Patong Swiss Hotel Beach Front and the Ibis Phuket Patong.

Spa Resorts

Spa Resorts If visiting the island is not enough to get all the relaxation you were looking for, Spa resorts are an amazing option to spend wonderful days in pure chillness. Among the island there are many private spas offering exotic massages, even Thai women do the same in some of the most popular beaches; yet staying in one of these options of accommodation is just on another level.

Nothing can beat the feeling of spending the day wearing a comfy robe and being spoiled with many different types of massages. Undoubtedly the last word you will remember while staying here is stress.

Spa Resorts offer great quality services in general, excellent rooms, exquisite gastronomy, spectacular locations and a myriad of activities to do. Moreover, what makes them so popular and appealing are their spa services.

In fact, there is a couple of spa resorts established in Phuket that have gained international awards for their unique massages, which says a lot given the fact that Thai massage techniques are recognized all over the world.

Prices are, as you may imagine, high in comparison with hotels that does not offer these kinds of services; yet they are more than fair due to the great quality they bring to tourists. Anantara and JW Marriott in Mai Khao, Mangosteen in Rawai, Banyan Tree and Trisara Villas in Choeng, Katathani and Mom Tri’s in Karon are some of the best options.

Long Term Stay

Long Term Stay Sometimes, spending a week or two in a place is just not enough. In Phuket, from time to time travelers decide to spend an entire month and even more on this wonderful island; undoubtedly, there is no form of getting enough from Phuket.

In these cases, hotels are not always the best option when speaking about budget; however, there are other options that can bring the same comfort at considerably lower prices.

Apartments for rent are the key for long-term stays in Phuket, there are many different options and they are suitable for various types of travelers. Families, groups, and friends can rent a spacious apartment for the desired amount of time with commodities such as swimming pool, gardens, balconies, enough space distributed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens (full-equipped) and more.

Kata, Kamala, and Panwa are the main areas where these type of good accommodations are available. Keep in mind that some of them can be part of hotels yet they work for long periods of time.

Briefly, everything is possible in this paradisiac island, and whatever you are looking for, it is available in Phuket.

Related to accommodation, our best advice is to do the early booking, especially if you are planning to visit the island in high season; early bookings will allow you to get better prices and avoid uncomfortable situations during your trip.

Relax and lay back as we transport you to all of the amazing places.

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