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The Weather and Climate of Phuket

The Weather and Climate of Phuket
24 April 2020

According to the location of the Pearl of The Andaman that lies 10 meters above sea level; it is no coincidence that the Weather and Climate of Phuket are as tropical as it gets. Phuket witnesses more rainfall than most of the other Thai islands with a 6 months rainy season and only 4 months of the dry season with transitional periods in between.

The Wet (Rainy) Season

Due to the southwest monsoon; the long rainy season of Phuket starts by the beginning of May up until October.

There can also be a sudden increase in showers during April and some abundant rainfall in the first part of November that occurs due to any delay in the retreat of the monsoon or a tropical cyclone.

The Dry Season

The dry season is from December until March when a cool breeze of dry air is drawn by the northeast monsoon from the Asian continent. These months are considered the peak season of Phuket due to the amazing beach weather, lack of rainfall, the refreshing breezes, and the crystal blue skies.

The Transitional Periods

There are few transitional periods between the mentioned two seasons with a very unpredictable climate and weather. And this would be the time right before the rainy season, around April – May, which the situation is either plenty of rainfall or none at all.

Another transition period is between October and November, in which the weather is noticeably cooler with lots of showers.

The Transitional Periods

Summaries aren’t so good for you? What about some all-inclusive weather statistics!


Annually, there is an average of 2,200 millimeters (87 inches) of rainfall in Phuket. The rain showers brought by the southwest monsoon are more lavishing here than on the other coast of peninsular Thailand as the south-western winds directly hit where Phuket is located.

The rainy season of Phuket usually has two peak periods; during the first part of May and the last parts of September-October. Since a sudden rainfall is always feasible in a tropical land; there is a possibility of rainfall even in July and August.



Just like its fellow islands; the weather is mainly hot and humid all year long in Phuket with an average temperature that never goes below 30°C (86 °F) and peaks with an average of 36/37 °C (97/99 °F) during the day.

Humidity is at its lowest during the period between December and March when temperatures can get lower than 20 °C (68 °F) at night.

A slight increase in temperature is witnessed from February to April. While April and March are considered the hottest months of the year.


Perfect sunshine moments are experienced during the dry season months from late December until March when there is ideal beach weather.

There is also plenty of sunshine during the rainy season; however, this may be blended with some clouds or a bit of rainfall.

Tropical Cyclones

Due to its location; Phuket is relatively safe and protected from tropical storms. However, like any other spot in Thailand; it can also get affected by the cyclones as they can be formed closer to the island and make their way to Bengal Bay; and this happens between April and December, holding two peak periods (April-June and October-December).

Typhoons, on the other hand, can arrive from the east, however, they tend to pass to the north, from the South China Sea to Thailand mainland. Nevertheless, they can also move to these latitudes occasionally, which previously took place in the last few decades from mid-October to December 20.

Sea Temperature

The water temperature is warm and perfect all year long in Phuket. However, there may be rough waves and strong currents during summertime due to the monsoon. Other than that, it’s all good.

Sea Temperature

The Best Time to Visit Phuket

The Best Time to Visit Phuket With bright sunny weather throughout the year; the best time to visit Phuket would depend on other factors including the amount of rainfall, humidity, clouds, and sea conditions.

November to February

This is considered the best time to visit Phuket for most tourists as humidity is moderate and the weather is relatively colder with average temperatures between 23°C and 30°C.

March to Mid-May

The hottest months on the island with temperatures falling between mid-thirties and highest humidity averages.

Mid-May to October

This is the monsoon period; with ideal humidity level and average temperatures between 28 °C - 29 °C. These are also the cheapest months to visit because of the rain. While the rainiest months are May, September, and October, it’s very unlikely to witness a continuous thread of rainy days.

You can find much more about the best time to visit on this detailed article!

To help you out even further, we will back you up with the perfect weather time for each of Phuket’s highlights!

Best Beach Weather

The best beach weather would be on the period between December-March when there is just the perfect amount of sunbeams and very little rain, with December and January crowning the top of the list with glittering calm waters and crystal skies.

November, April, and May are also great choices with nice beach weather and fewer tourists.

June, July, August, and early September are the way to go if you are looking for the best accommodation and flight deals.

Best Weather to Visit Phang Nga Bay

December and January would make the most sense here; as they are the months with the best beach weather (warm but not too hot with very few rainfalls) and optimum sea conditions.

Note that this is the busiest time on the island, so if you’re not really into crowds; better to do your studying in order to avoid the jam and enjoy the best possible experience.

Best Weather for Diving

The best conditions for diving are found between November and April, while the best of the best are November and December with the highest water visibility.

The period between May to October can also be good for diving; especially on the eastern coasts’ sites including Racha Yai and Racha Noi. However, the sea may be rough and the boat ride from Phuket to the diving sites may get bouncy. Not a problem if you are an experienced diver though.

High Season (December-March)

This is the busiest time on the island with the most tourists, as it’s the driest time of the year with plenty of sunshine and amazing beach weather. January would be the busiest of all with the highest hotels and flight deals and higher shopping prices.

Shoulder Season (April, May, August, November)

The shoulder season marks its beginning right after the Thai New Year when rainfall starts to increase and crowds start to shrink.

The beginning of May would make the best shoulder season weather and a favorite for many travelers to visit Phuket, as well as the end of the rainy season in early November when you get to enjoy the amazing weather and the lowest prices!

Low Season (June, July, September, October)

This would be the time with the most rainfall and the possibility of shaky sea conditions, which results in the lowest prices and the best possible deals. However, a perfect sunny day is always possible in such tropical retreat.

Phuket Weather and Climate by Month

Phuket Weather and Climate by Month

January Weather and Climate in Phuket

Falling right inside the dry season; January is one of the best months to visit Phuket as the weather is sunny and warm with less humidity, and the water is usually calm. The average temperature is around 32°C with just 35mm rain precipitation that pour over an average of five days.

February Weather and Climate in Phuket

The weather in February is pretty much the same as January with less rainfall as it’s considered the driest month in the year marking the end of the dry season.

You can expect lots of sunshine, calm and warm seawater, and relatively low humidity. The average temperature is about 33°C, and precipitation of 30mm falling over four days.

February Weather and Climate in Phuket

March Weather and Climate in Phuket

Setting the beginning of the hot season; increasing hot weather is expected during this month, with an average temperature rising to around 34°C with lots of sunshine.

The amount of rainfall is still on a minimum and mostly arriving in short bursts, with an average precipitation of 40mm falling over eight days.

April Weather and Climate in Phuket

April is one of the hottest months on the island with an average temperature of 34°C and a noticeable increase in rainfall with160mm pouring over 11 days.

May Weather and Climate in Phuket

If you’re not a rain person; May won’t be the ideal month to visit Phuket as rainfall precipitation hits an average of 350mm over 18 days. The weather is as warm as the other months with an average temperature of 32°C during the day and nighttime temperatures between 25°C-29°C. Humidity levels reach 85% and come closer to 90% by the end of the month.

June Weather and Climate in Phuket

The weather still maintains its 32°C average with a bit more rainfall of about 210mm falling over 18 days in the form of short strong bursts.

Sunny days are still expected during the month with cool breezes sourcing from the southwest monsoon winds.

June Weather and Climate in Phuket

July Weather and Climate in Phuket

In July, the climate situation is the same as June with a slight increase in rainfall with an average of around 260mm falling among 19 days.

A calm sunny day is not guaranteed, yet the possibility is always there. The average temperature is about 31°C with cool refreshing breezes.

August Weather and Climate in Phuket

This is a great time to visit Phuket if you are into the perfect fusion of short bursts of rainfall and ideal sunbeams. Moreover, you can find significantly low prices approaching the official rainy season and fewer crowds.

The average temperature during August is 31°C with an average precipitation of about 260mm.

September Weather and Climate in Phuket

This would be the month with the greatest amount of rainfall and the highest levels of humidity (85%-90%) with a precipitation whopping an average of 410mm falling over 19 days. Stronger winds may take place during the month which may not be ideal for swimming or diving. However, the large waves may come in handy for the adventurous surfers.

September Weather and Climate in Phuket

October Weather and Climate in Phuket

October is also a rainy month, yet it witnesses fewer rains while it’s coming to an end with an average rainfall of 310mm pouring over 23 days.

The average temperature is around 31°C and the water conditions are the same as September, yet there are some calm sunny days that are worth enjoying.

November Weather and Climate in Phuket

As the high season approaches, the rainfall precipitation becomes noticeably less than the previous period with an average of 190mm falling over 16 days.

More common sunny days are expected during November that are ideal for a relaxing beach time. The average temperature remains at 31°C, yet feels relatively cooler as the monsoon winds shift and start to flow in from the northeast.

December Weather and Climate in Phuket

Marking the end of the rainy season, the rainfall in December is relatively short and comes in the form of light showers with an average precipitation of 50mm.

The temperature cools down and witnesses an average between 27°C-30°C and humidity ranging between 70%-75% making the way to the awaited sunshine for a chilling beach day or a nice swim.

What to pack for Phuket? Read on!


As you noticed, the weather is always hot and warm in Phuket, as the minimum temperature is 24 degrees and this even is a very rare case. Always pack cotton light-colored clothes including t-shirts, shirts, shorts, comfortable pants, and a light jacket in case it got chiller during the night.

Rain Attire

If you don’t enjoy a wet rain dance; bring along a raincoat or an umbrella just to avoid getting wet, as the temperature will always remain warm even during showers. No problems if you forgot, as raincoats can be available in most supermarkets.

What kind of shoes?

Flip-flops for the beach and a pair of sneakers for walking or hiking activities will be more than enough. Plenty of fun flip-flops are also available at the market stalls in case you forgot to bring any.


It is always advised to bring your own medicine bag anywhere, yet the island is equipped with various pharmacies that sell almost all the medicine you need. In case of emergencies, seeking professional help at one of the first-rate hospitals wouldn’t be a hassle as the island hosts many.

Electric Adaptors

Double flat or double round plugs are the commonly used adaptors in Thailand; so the best-case scenario is bringing your own, however, international plugs can be found in most hotels, and if not, there are multiple stores selling them.

For the Mosquitos

Mosquitos can be found in Phuket but not in great amounts; bringing a mosquito repellant is a good idea especially if you are one of these mosquito victims. Yet, there are plenty available at stores and pharmacies from cosmetics to natural forms.

Some more random tips!

Tours and Rides

Try to be on the safe side and book your tours and transportation from your hotel or a reputable company to avoid getting scammed or having a trip way less than your expectations.

Renting a scooter

Renting a scooter is certainly a fun and adventurous way to live the full experience. Just make sure to have a valid international bike license with you in addition to travel insurance, or either rent a car with a driver instead, for a hassling-free private ride.

Renting a scooter

The Amazing Temples

Visiting a Buddhist country without giving a visit to the vibrant temples is certainly a waste. Make time to visit a couple of Phuket’s temples and indulge in a unique cultural journey.

This is a place of devotion and worship, so make sure to wear appropriate clothes in which your shoulders and legs are covered. Wat Chalong temple is highly recommended.

Bangla Road

If you’re looking for a fun nightlife experience; head to the famous Bangla Road located in Patong where there is a wild collection of clubs and Go-go bars each having its own style and vibes. Live music is also a hit in some of these bars.

Avoid scams and any suspicious offerings by strangers such as engaging in a bet or a battle on drinks.

Shopping Time

There are various shops and markets all over Phuket that offer interesting local products and affordable mouthwatering treats.
The best possible shopping experience would be in the night markets where there are many sellers and live music performances.
Your negotiation skills can save you more than half of the price here; so make sure to practice on that!

We hope we covered everything you may need and these tips would come in handy for you! So just go and have the time of your life.