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Phuket One Day Tours

Phuket One Day Tours
7 February 2018

The Pearl of the Andaman Sea is how it is often called, this amazing island has a myriad of different plans and activities to do in order to please everyone’s desires. It is one of the most visited islands in the area to say the least.

Natural wonders are many and too varied all around the island; from worldwide famous beaches to calmed bays, high limestone cliffs, waterfalls and forests. However, not only is it related with places in Phuket, as the island’s richness also includes a wide selection of flora and fauna.

Briefly, Phuket is a natural gem, a very rich and appreciated one. Visiting it has to be a must in every traveler’s itinerary. Picking this tropical island as your next destination is an acute decision; fun, joy and good memories are completely guaranteed.

Also, on the island, there are a wide range of activities available every day to make your time in Phuket even more perfect. Locals offer guided tours both inside and around the island in a great variety of prices so any budget can afford them.

Tours come in any size and shape and the most popular are the one-day tours through which you come to a specific point on the island where the group is joined especially early in the morning to profit the whole day; then, guides will take you to an amazing destination and get you back to town in the afternoon-early night.

Tours have different topics, from getting to known a certain destinations or a couple of them in a round to staring the sunset, eating food, practicing an aquatic sport o and some others.

In some cases, tours are offered by established companies, it means you can contact them time before arriving to the island and paying with different methods such as debit or credit cards.

Picking this type of booking ensures you will not have trouble finding tickets for the desired day and amount of people in your group. On the other hand, locals can be around the main streets or beaches offering tour services at lower prices, yet with good quality too.

Here we present you our top 10 of the very best one-day tours you should give each one a try while visiting Phuket, no matter if you pick just one or many of them, they will definitely enrich your experience and help you know hidden secrets that only locals know.

No.1 Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting It is one of the most completed experiences you can live in Phuket. It perfectly combines adventure, adrenaline and nature. It happens in the Khlong Song Phraek River.

First, you will be picked up at your hotel and then drive in a private vehicle straight to Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary wherein the adventure officially begins; once you get there, you will drive a 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle (ATV), all the safety equipment will be provided by guides.

The entire ride lasts about an hour and during the entire journey you will enjoy magnificent views of nature while you get inside the rainforest. Right after that, it is time for lunch, enjoy an incredible meal with Thai flavors in a local restaurant.

Now the moment of adrenaline arrives as a skilled group of boatmen will join you during the entire rafting adventure, it takes approximately 45 minutes of pure fun among rapids and rides.

Once again, ATVs are used to drive you to a refreshing waterfall wherein you can splash in the sweet water before going back to the entrance of the park where the driver and vehicle waits for you to take you back to your hotel.

This incredible trip takes up to 8 hours of pure adrenaline and it is not necessary to make bookings much time before. At least two people is required to start the journey and it costs around $130 per person.

No.2 Phi Phi by speed boat

Phi Phi by Speed Boat We could not find a better way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the mains streets and beaches of Phuket than boarding a nice speed boat and sailing to this group of paradisiac islands and getting back to town at the end of the day.

Feel like a Hollywood star visiting the iconic beach that appeared in Di Caprio’s movie: The Beach. The day tour includes picking you up from your hotel and driving you to the pier wherein the fast boat will be waiting to take you to this idyllic paradise.

The journey aboard will take between 45 to 60 minutes, depending in climate conditions. Advantages of picking this tour and visiting these islands include avoiding crowds and have the pleasure of diving in the most crystalline waters you could ever find.

Do no forget to bring your camera as the pictures you can get from these lovely places are fairly compared with postcard ones. Maya bay, Loh Sama bay, Viking Cave, Monkey beach and Khai Island are some of the amazing beaches you can visit in one single day, just priceless.

A wide range of prices are available for this trip and it depends on the quality and size of the boat and amount of people per tour too. You can find tickets from $60 up to $120 and all of them include lunch and transportation in the mainland.

No.3 Phuket FantaSea Show

Phuket FantaSea Show Different from the couple of tours we have listed before, this one is performed at nighttime. It is a total brand-new meaning of spectacle. This theme park is formed by many entertainment, shows, and cultural aspects.

This exotic place is meant to show Thai heritage and culture in a place where tourism industry has evolved in almost every area, this place successfully combines the commercial shows with the pride they have by its culture and roots.

This theme park is full of magic and an acute way to describe it is mythical, with buildings that look like ancient Thai structures, very colorful and golden it counts with several shows performed at different hours, dinner and even shops to take your souvenirs with you.

The main show includes elephants and humans recreating an ancient legend from locals wherein animals, humans and Gods get along. This amazing park is open for tours every day except Thursdays; from 17:30 pm to 23:30 pm.

You can get there as early as you desire; yet be sure to arrive before 18:30 when the first buffet is served. Tickets can be bought right in the entrance and the price oscillates around $50, dinner included.

No.4 Kayak in Phang Nga

Kayak in Phang Nga There is no better way to get to know this beautiful National Park than by its water. This tour is one of the largest one as it can take up to 9 hours; however, you will feel that time flies by because you will be enjoying every minute.

All services are completely included in the final price; from pick up and drop off services to everything you may need on board. The adventure begins at Ao Por Pier wherein you will board a ferry boat and sail to Phang Nga.

The entire journey is a spectacle, amazing views and landscapes from the Andaman Sea and neighbor islands and cliffs. Once in the National Park, all you need to do is get ready for kayaking and paddling around and inside the many caves and lagoons that belong to its incredible park.

Paddle board and kayaking are flawless activities to do in these pristine waters. Use kayaks to move around caves, islands, lagoons while enjoying breathtaking views. Best object to carry with you will be a waterproof camera.

This unforgettable day trip costs around $80 to $120 depending on the company, the season and the boat too; in any case, all the equipment, instructors, pick up/ drop-off services and meals are included.

No.5 City Tour Phuket Island

City Tour Phuket Island It is one of the cheapest options of one-day tours available on the island, yet the richest when speaking about culture, tradition and heritage. It is an incredible combination among the wonders both natural and cultural of the Pearl of the Andaman Sea: Phuket.

For this tour, you do not need to wake up very early in the morning as it starts in the late morning. In this tour, you will visit and discover the most popular landmarks of the island; including temples, parks, gardens, museums and also the most iconic beaches of Phuket.

Wat Chalong, Big Buddha and a rum distillery are part of the tour. Be sure you have your camera fully charged as you will get to know many iconic places of the city, all in one day and every place has its own charms.

The main reason why this tour has lower prices in comparison with the ones mentioned before is because it does not include any other way of transportation apart from a minivan; also, lunch is going to be paid by you and not given by the company. The range of prices is about $10 to $50 per person.

No.6 James Bond Island

James Bond Island By far, one of the fanciest and most fun day tours offered in the island. They are particularly known by combining luxury and privacy together in an incredible tour around an iconic location near Phang Nga.

You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to a private pier located in the northern area of the island to sail in a luxury speed boat straight to paradise. The entire trip is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

After half an hour in the sea, you will get to the main attraction of this trip, and that is James Bond Island which is a group of giant rocks that seems to be emerging right from the sea, the scenery is just unbelievable.

However, once you get there you may feel familiar towards the view as this landscape has been part of many movies from Hollywood which makes the experience even more amazing.

The adventure also includes visiting Muslim Village wherein lunch is served and even some temples inside of caves can be part of the trip. Prices vary from 1800 to 2500 baht and all services are included.

No.7 Coral Island and Racha Island

Coral Island and Racha Island If you consider yourself a nature lover, admirer of natural beauty and feel passionate about reefs and sea life, this is, without any doubts, one of your very best options for you. Racha and Coral islands are a pair of gorgeous places and visiting them is absolutely worthy of your time at least for one day.

This day trip is an invaluable opportunity to develop your snorkeling skills and stare at the rich aquatic life that lives in the coral reefs that surround these two islands. In case you are not interested in snorkeling, sheer blue waters and powdery golden sands, it also makes the perfect spot to spend the day sunbathing and splashing in the warm water.

Parasailing, banana boat, and beach diving are nice options available on the beach to add extra fun to your day trip. Taste the local spices in a traditional dish and after an afternoon full of sun and fun, get back to Phuket right to your hotel.

The entire tour can cost up to $90 and everything you may need is already counted, from food and transport to all the equipment such as life jackets and snorkel masks.

No.8 Koh Yao Noi Biking Tour

Koh Yao Noi Biking Tour This tour is absolutely different than any other you can find in this top. Moreover, it has a lot of fun activities and sightseeing landscapes during the entire journey. This serene island is just 45 minutes-1 hours away from Phuket by fast boat and the environment is very different.

Koh Yao Noi remains particularly untouched by tourism industry which makes it an excellent place to discover the way locals used to live before the area got so popular and, what can be better than doing it by bike?

The whole route is about 30km in a cycling route. You will get through many different places during the tour: rice paddies, fishing villages, mosques, tropical forests and many more.

Stare at the wildlife that inhabits the area, take pictures of giant rice paddies that get as far as the eye can see, buy something from a small local market, eat Thai lunch and begin your way back to which the boat brought you.

Prices are around $80 and you must be sure you fit in the criteria in order to be part of this trip. Children under 11 years, people with back pain, muscular problems or pregnant women are not allowed due to safety restrictions.

No.9 4-Waters in one day

4-Waters in one day In case visiting just one place at a day or doing just one kind of activity is not your thing, definitely this plan is the one that fits better. Yes, as interesting as it sounds, it combines 4 types of adventures in one.

Mangroves, beaches, rice paddies and forests all perfectly combined in the same day trip at Khao Phra Taeo National Park. Moreover the 4-waters are by far the best part of the journey; can you picture yourself having the chance to dive in a waterfall, in a beach, in a spa’s hot springs or maybe in ice-cold pools too in the same day?

Get ready for an adventure at your hotel where you are going to be picked up and taken to the northeast area of Phuket, where the first stage begins: mangroves, you can even use a kayak and paddle between the mangrove channels.

Once in the park, get into the lush forest and refresh yourself in a waterfall near the Gibbons Sanctuary. After that, you will get headed up to a fancy hotel and spa wherein you will take lunch and enjoy from both hot and cold waters to end up your 4-waters journey.

The entire trip ends up with the most breathtaking sunset at Natai beach before getting back to your hotel for an approximate of $85.

No.10 Similan island by ferry

Similan island by ferry If looking for something both fancy and incredible, then boarding a luxury fast boat to Similan Island is your kind of plan. This National Park is popular by its coral powdery sand and sheer blue waters.

The journey begins at 6am in the morning when you are going to be picked up at your hotel’s lobby and taken into a fancy and private trip with a maximum of 25 people per day.

About one hour of sailing is required to get into the National Park and during the day you will be able of visit many of the islands that compound it. Snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming are flawless activities you can perform during the entire day.

Be sure you carry hats and sunblock with you as you are going to spend the whole day in the sea. It can cost up to $125, yet the experience is invaluable.

We truly hope you have enjoyed our top 10 of the best one-day tour trips available both inside and around Phuket Island. Undoubtedly Phuket and its neighbors have a myriad of places and activities to offer.

And who makes a better mediator between these fantastic paradises than our own Phuketferry!

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