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Places in Phuket - Bangla Road

Places in Phuket - Bangla Road
8 February 2018

Phuket is an island of about 45 square-km in the south part of Thailand and it is the biggest island of them all and has 32 small islands outside its territory.

Phuket is surrounded by the Andaman Sea to the west-south of Thailand. It is connected with Phang province to the north by The Sarasin Bridge and to the east, it has the province of Krabi. Imagine an island with 32 tiny beaches and lots of things to do on and off the island. It is the island where you can get everything you need to have a wonderful vacation. It does not matter if it rains or shines, most of the places are breathtaking regardless.

There are many places from the profane to the sublime to enjoy in Phuket, that’s why this is an enchanting destination.

Patong Beach - Bangla Road We are going to give you information about a special place in Phuket, its name is Bangla Road and we will try to tell you everything about this popular and interesting place in Patong Beach, so you will know something about it before visiting.

Bangla Road is one of the best attractions in Phuket. It is located in the center of Patong Beach in Phuket where all the nightlife is concentrated and what can be seen in this street really impresses the tourists and you are not going to know most of it until you pay a visit and see with your own eyes.

Bangla road starts the party once the night has come and the sun has set. First there is a neon lights festival about four hundred meters in, with surprising events and music combined with cheap beer.

Most of the bars there are competing and that makes the place more interesting, livelier and friendlier. If you want a place to have a wonderful night with your friends in Phuket, stop at Bangla Road and see for yourself what really it is like. This road is full mostly by outdoors bars each one has its own music making a mixture of beats blending with each other sometimes unflatteringly, most of them are beer bars lined up through the street’s length from restaurants, pubs, discos, Go-Go bars to shops and as you walk along the streets you can find shows or street performances as well as vendors, leaflet distributors and more.

Patong Beach - Bangla RoadSoi is a term that is often used in Thailand and we should know its meaning. It stands for tiny street or lane with its famous center, an end, and a beginning. Phuket has the best and wildest nightclubs ever like: Illuzion, Tiger Disco, Seduction Complex which is so close to Jungceylon Shopping Center and U-Thit Road at the end of the road and it is the furthest from the beach. On Bangla Road cars are not allowed after the sunset to make this place unique in Phuket. It is like a fair all night where all people are walking in the corner and in the middle of the streets, sometimes we can find performers and visitors, tourists or locals standing in Bangla Road as well as touts with posters in their hands trying to convince walkers to enter to their shows in clubs or bars. And what we can really see all along this road is girls in swimming suits or skirts in countless of bars in front of Bangla Road. Here you can find GO-GO Bars along the street, as well as spas and laser tag games and of course the live music both in the streets and bars.

Bangla Road ends at the beach lined with many beer bars south of the road like Shipwreck Bar, Kangaroo Bar, Sunset Bar, and there are many friendly cabarets, bars with their own style and atmosphere, performers and of course, the famous ones; ladyboys cabaret dancers persuading people to take photos. And at the street’s end, we can find shops selling fast food, souvenirs, and suits.

Ladyboys cabarets and bars

Patong Beach - Bangla Road Before talking about the most interesting bars and places in Phuket let’s describe or give you some information to take in consideration about the ladyboys in Bangla Road.

Sometimes it is impossible to know if a ladyboy is a girl or a boy, but frequently we can distinguish them if we observe well. And if you wish to take a photo with them, you have to be careful and pay if they ask for it, they normally charge 100 baht.

The ladyboys often have an aggressive character many of them are under drugs effect and if you do not pay, they could throw a tantrum. You can find the ladyboys everywhere on Bangla Road; in the street or bar cabarets. Bangla Road has a friendly atmosphere without fights or violent situations that usually happen in Bangkok.

Some considerations about security

Patong Beach - Bangla Road The government of Thailand wants to bolter tourist’s safety on the island because Phuket is one of the five best tourist destinations and they want to increase revenue from tourism in Thailand.

The governor Patrick Maitri Inthusut said that the officers patrol the bars to keep the security and peace as well as looking out for troublemakers or staging raids to boost security and make each tourist confident that Phuket is a safe place for everyone. Sometimes police officers set up drug-test checkpoints in many different places; karaoke bars, cafés, and nightclubs.

They focus on drugs, children under 18 years old as well as illegal workers. They are doing this to make the tourist happier and feel safe enough to return to visit the wonderful country. Take into account that they check out motorists driving, people partying in nightclubs, passports of foreigners or even work permits, and whoever they suspect of using drugs it does not matter if it is the high season or not.

They want the tourists to feel safe and it is an important matter that everyone should collaborate to inspire more visitors to return.

What and where to eat on Bangla Road

Patong Beach - Bangla Road Soi Bangla is famous all around the world and is the heart of Patong Town with the most prolific and busiest spots of Beach Road’s section, leaving away the beach with a 500-meter line full with bars, restaurants, shops, tailors, and fast food. We are going to describe some of the places to eat despite of its appearance, there are some few good venues to eat here in this fair of flavor.

Au Bon Pain Soi Bangla is at the Ocean Plaza Patong, a popular franchise in some places on Bangla Road. Here you can have breakfast with fresh sandwiches and of course drinks; wine, beer, and several other delicious treats.

Bangkok Burger Co is for all those enthusiasts who do love burger restaurants. This is a franchise joint with big burgers full of juicy meats, great fresh ingredients and excellent fries. Of course, here you can drink beer at a higher price because Bangkok Burger Co is an expensive commercial area but the service is efficient and fast. What else would you need?

Patong Beach - Bangla RoadClimax Restaurant is a perfect place to start a night party because of its central location, live music and DJs. This restaurant is famous for its rooftop poolside alongside other features, a style venue on the fifth floor at Absolutely Bangla Suites right in the heart of Phuket’s nightlife.

Here you can enjoy the breeze from the beach and a soft lounge with house music or the dining area with comfortable sofas and chairs among a modern setting well thought out. If you want to stay away from the bustling of Bangla Road, visit Climax.

Higher Restaurant & Lounge is at the highest floor in the Seduction Disco building exactly at the prime nightlife area and it offers a sliding roof that allows the visitors to dine and party watching the sky in an industrial–style décor. It is a great restaurant providing international cuisine prepared by an excellent staff.

Mengrad Seafood is very close to the beach opposite Soi Eric. It offers about twelve food vendors along this narrow Soi. It is an interesting food place, because prices are nothing compared to nearby restaurants located in an expensive area and the food is excellent and suitable for those traveling on a budget.

Party Places

Patong Beach - Bangla Road Illuzion Club Discotheque is a modern club which has everything to entertain the party goers with international shows like Las Vegas, international or national talent with an ample space for bands with live music to hold any type of event with the most sophisticated sound and lighting equipment. It is an interesting venue with professional dancers located on Bangla Road.

Hollywood Phuket is a real name on Bangla Road and now it has returned. It was an institution and famous star near the beach end on Bangla Road with a different name and now it’s back in Hollywood with great EDM and music covering that long stylish venue near Soi Hollywood.

White Room Nightclub is so famous because it has spent years in the market on Patong Beach near Soi Gozo, off Bangla Road with a large space to host more people for modern parties, besides modern lighting equipment and the sound system for live music combined with top talent to make you feel comfortable and the sophistication of the design and décor make it a great party place.

New tiger Disco in Phuket is one of the most attractive places on Bangla Road in the New Tiger Entertainment Complex. This is a kind of cave with several cement giant tigers decorating the entrance and here on the first floor there are many bars with sexy dancing girls and on the second floor we have the most famous discotheque in Phuket The Tiger Discotheque it is an imposing complex with 5,000 sqm shared on three floors; on the ground floor there are several beer bars and on the second and third there is a nightclub.

Let’s check out Some Soi Bars and Nightlife on Bangla Road

Patong Beach - Bangla Road Bangla Road is really a free market where you can mostly find girls and of course, ladyboys cabarets along the street, that not only happens in Phuket but in most famous touristic beaches in Thailand, the girls are there doing their job to entertain or make the place nice for those who are walking the street or looking for something more, but not all bars are for ladyboys or cabarets girls, there are some serious places where you can sit and get something to drink, eat in a friendly environment, watch your favorite sports match or listen to good music.

Other places like discotheques are full of girls offering their services to the visitors that is why this Road is so famous around the world and it is worth visiting because there is always something happening there that could attract your attention, but if you want something more normal, there is the White Room Nightclub, an interesting place with tourists and the second one is the Seduction Club. but what about if we describe more places along the Famous Road?

Soi Freedom formerly named Eric and it is between Smiley bar and Sharky’s. It is a beer bar-lined Soi, very typical in Bangla Road, we can find many tiny bars with the same design, a Plasma TV and of course, the name of the bar in neon and a friendly environment. Here we can see the famous Smiley and the Freedom bar.

Patong Beach - Bangla RoadSoi Lao is called funny enough by many locals Soi Toilet because it is near to the public toilet but this is a really interesting place where we can find many small restaurants besides that, you can enjoy Thai fish on a chair, table or if you prefer, you can take some fresh fish. Most of the tourists do not know this place that is next to Soi Patong Resort near the toilets’ signs.

Seduction Nightclub is one the best and biggest discotheque in Patong Beach and the location is perfect because it is in the center of the main nightlife spots and resorts on Phuket opposite Moulin Rouge and we can find it on the second floor of Seduction Complex. Seduction Nightclub can host about 3,000 people, dancers, and party goers.

Soi tiger can be yet another complex bar that will give you the chance to experience an immediate rain of alcohol, it is the place where the party happens and some people usually call it (Soi Tiger one) because this building still carries its name and signage with some dozen beer bars each one with a tiny line division that it feels like a big party, on the other hand, the iconic disco edifice is Soi Tiger Two. Soi Tiger is near Seduction Night Club.

Soi Hollywood is its new name the previous one was Soi Easy. Here we can find beer barsthat are cheap with a huge number of pool tables and at the end of Soi Hollywood you will find an entrance to the Ago-go and the public toilets. Soi Hollywood is so close to Hollywood Phuket and is one of the most popular nightclubs with a good selection of beer, it gets quite lively at late hours at night until early hours in the morning.

Patong Beach - Bangla RoadSoi Patong Resort is like a mall center where we can find drinks, shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, spas, tailors, internet cyber café as well as the famous places: Da Mario Italian Restaurant, Boogaloo Bar, Stockholm Syndrome Bar. It is 100 meters full of venues to attracts tourists by Parrot bar, opposite Sea Dragon.

Soi Viking is opposite Illuzion Nightclub with some tailor shops, a shisha bar and a guesthouse. It is a quiet dark street with some interesting attractions like the Grabbana Grus Nightclub visited by many tourists in high season and the New York Live Bar by the entrance, it is known as Soi Absolute because it is so near to Absolute Bangla Suites.

Soi Gonzo is a small selection of tiny beer bars and it is between the very popular Aussie Bar complex and the White Room Nightclub. These small bars are not always crowded and very friendly with some games and its beer look like they were made in the nineties, there are beautiful sexy girls and you can find the famous names of Black Tahiti Bar and Cat bar.

Soi Lion appeared on the scene from the beginning and stayed for quite some time till now in Bangla Road, it is so close to Hollywood Disco with cheap beer and great live music under the infamous Moulin Rouge Russian Go-Go. It was previously at the beginning of Bangla Road and was a lively group of bars replaced now by Bangla Mall.

Soi Seadragon is a place about 100-meter long where you can find a line of beer bars, it also has a back entrance leading to the KEE Resort and an underground parking. In this spot we can find notable venues like Suzy Wong’s so close to KEE Resort and so near to Bangla Road, we have the Exotica, In Between, Mickey Bars Mouse bar, Crow’s nest as well as Two brothers. Soi Seadragon is near the LED sign and opposite to Soi Patong Resort.

Do not lose the opportunity to see Bangla Road. We do our best to make your visits unforgettable.

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