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Phuket to Railay

By Ao Nang Travel and Tour Co.,Ltd.
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08:30 Phuket, Rassada Pier


2 hrs 15 mins


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10:45 Railay, Railay Bay


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24 Hours before departure date
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  • Cancellations made 24 Hours or more in advance will receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

Booking changes or cancellations must be made up to 24 Hours before your departure date. However, Round-trip tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded after the first trip's cancellation deadline.


  • We will be allowed without penalty if written notice is made over 24 Hours prior to departure. However amendment is subject to availability and new rates may apply.
  • Any amendment resulting in lower rates or less number of passenger is subject to 5% surcharge of the difference figure between total amounts less the amended amount.

Late Booking

For all late bookings under 24 Hours please chat with us directly.

Things to Know

  • Please arrive prior to your trip's departure time no later than 30 minutes. If you are too late, your ticket will be expired and cannot be Refunded and Changed.
  • You can check in with e-ticket on mobile or device. Please make sure you check in with the right operator you booked with.
  • Time stated is only for estimation. The actual time schedule is subject to change without prior notice due to unpredictable weather conditions and fortuitous events.
  • The price does not include entrance fee and any additional fees and surcharges.
  • Each passenger is allowed 2 luggage per passenger.
  • IMPORTANT: If one way ticket was used or the date and time specified on the ticket passed already, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • Connecting Flights: The Company is a point to point carrier and we do not take responsibility for delays or connecting flight.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Check in point: Ao Nang Travel counter at Rassada Pier
  • Please note that during low tide passenger need to take long tail boat to the ferry as ferry can't park near the floating pier.
  • The ferry can be changed to different ferry it depends on amount of passengers and suitable.

Trip Information

Rassada Pier: Your Gateway to Island Adventures in Phuket

Nestled on the picturesque island of Phuket, Rassada Pier stands as a bustling hub, inviting travelers to embark on unforgettable ferry journeys to the surrounding islands.

Serving as the primary departure point for large 200-400 seater ferries, this pier exudes an air of excitement and anticipation, as eager travelers set off on their island adventures.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about Rassada Pier, from its convenient location to the parking facilities, the check-in process, and even the charming on-site vendors that await your arrival.

Convenient Location and Easy Transfers:

Situated just a mere 10 minutes' drive away from Phuket Town, 1 hour from phuket airport, Rassada Pier boasts a prime location that ensures seamless and convenient transfers for travelers. Whether you're staying in Phuket Town or nearby, reaching the pier is a breeze. Thanks to this strategic position, tourists can easily make their way to the pier, eager to begin their island escapades.

Ample Parking for a Hassle-Free Experience:

For those opting to drive to Rassada Pier in their hired cars, there's good news: the pier provides a large car park facility, catering to the needs of motorists. This spacious parking area offers a sense of security and peace of mind, allowing travelers to leave their vehicles behind while they embark on their island adventures. With a minimal fee, you can park your car with confidence and embark on your ferry journey without worry. Parking fees are detailled below.

Simplified Check-In Process: has established excellent relationships with the ferry companies, and they are familiar with the E-ticket provided, streamlining the ferry tickets online booking and check-in process further.

To ensure a smooth departure, it's recommended to check-in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, giving you ample time to settle in.

Operators Present at Rassada Pier:

Andaman Wave Master: Known for its modern fleet and impeccable safety standards, Andaman Wave Master offers ferry services to Phi Phi Islands, allowing travelers to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.

Satun Pakbara: With a commitment to providing safe and reliable ferry services, Satun Pakbara offers trips to the beautiful islands of Koh Lipe, Koh Tarutao, and Koh Bulon. Travelers can explore these pristine paradises and immerse themselves in nature's wonders.

Phi Phi Cruiser: As one of the prominent ferry operators, Phi Phi Cruiser caters to trips between Phuket and Phi Phi Islands, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for visitors. Experience the allure of Maya Bay and Viking Cave as you venture to Phi Phi Islands.

Kannicha: Kannicha offers ferry services to Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi, enchanting travelers with the serene and tranquil ambiance of these hidden gems. Discover the unspoiled beauty of these islands, away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations.

Phi Phi Sabai Marine: Renowned for its friendly staff and customer-oriented services, Phi Phi Sabai Marine facilitates trips to Phi Phi Islands and Bamboo Island, offering travelers a chance to marvel at the region's breathtaking marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

Sea Angel Cruise: With a strong focus on comfort and luxury, Sea Angel Cruise offers island-hopping experiences to Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi, promising a tranquil escape from the bustling mainland.

Chao Koh Group: Offering a diverse range of routes, Chao Koh Group facilitates trips to Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and Railay Beach, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation.

And more Bundayah, Chureang

Popular Routes from Rassada Pier:

From Rassada Pier, travelers have the convenience of embarking on various exciting ferry routes to explore the stunning islands and attractions in the region. Here is a list of popular ferry and speed boats routes leaving from Rassada Pier:Rassada Pier to Phi Phi Islands (Koh Phi Phi):

- Rassada Pier to Koh Lipe
- Rassada Pier to Koh Bulon Lae
- Rassada Pier to Koh Lanta
- Rassada Pier to Koh Phi Phi
- Rassada Pier to Ao Nang

Some day trips leave from rassada but you might want to consider other departure points for tours which are more suitable. Chalong Pier, Rawai Pier to mention some…

Comfort While You Wait:

As you complete the check-in process and await your ferry's departure, Rassada Pier ensures your comfort with various amenities. While the excitement builds up, why not take a seat and relax in the waiting area? You'll find ample seating available, allowing you to sit back and soak in the maritime atmosphere.

Additionally, if you find yourself in need of refreshments or a quick snack, there are on-site vendors ready to serve you. Grab a cup of coffee to awaken your senses or choose a travel snack to fuel your adventure spirit.

Car Park Fees at Rassada Pier:

For those availing the car park services at Rassada Pier, it's essential to be aware of the parking fees to plan your journey accordingly. The fee structure is as follows:

Four wheels/Motorcycles:

- 9 minutes - 1 hour: 20฿
- 1.01 hours - 2 hours: 40฿
- 2.01 hours - 3 hours: 50฿
- 3.01 hours - 24 hours: 100฿

Six wheels or more:

- 9 minutes - 1 hour: 50฿
- 1.01 hours - 2 hours: 120฿
- 2.01 hours - 3 hours: 190฿
- 3.01 hours - 24 hours: 300฿

Important Notes for Parking:

When departing from the pier, ensure you have your identification card or driving license handy, as it will be required.

If, by any chance, you misplace your parking ticket, a car park fee of 200฿ will be applicable. It's crucial to follow traffic regulations strictly and drive with utmost care, ensuring a safe experience for everyone.

Park your vehicle only in the designated parking areas, and avoid leaving any valuables inside your car to minimize the risk of loss or damage.

Ferry: Rassada Pier - Ao Nang Pier

Discover Ao Nang Pier: Your Gateway to Tranquil Beauty Introduction:

Welcome to the lively heart of Ao Nang – the inviting Ao Nang Pier. As you enter this bustling hub, a world of natural beauty and exciting adventures awaits. Nestled between vibrant activity and soothing ocean views, Ao Nang Pier is your doorway to unmatched beauty and thrilling exploration. Explore beautiful beaches, enjoy island adventures, stay at great hotels in Ao Nang, taste delicious local cuisine, and enjoy the beauty of Thara Beach in Ao.


At the heart of Ao Nang lies Ao Nang Pier, a gateway to endless opportunities. Stepping onto its well-worn planks, the gentle sea breeze and waiting long-tailed boats embrace you. This lively center is where your Ao Nang adventure begins. Relish Ao Nang Beach's sun, savor local delights, relax in snug hotels, explore nearby isles by classic longtail boats. Immerse in Ao Nang's vibe; let blue waters guide you.

Walk along the velvet sands of Ao Nang Beach, where the cerulean waters gently kiss the shore. Whether you're after peaceful sun-soaking or exciting water sports, Ao Nang Beach is a canvas of experiences. It's the perfect place for a wonderful beach stay, combining tranquility and adventure in just the right balance.

Embark on a food adventure in Ao Nang as you explore local eateries around Ao Nang Pier. Experience the joy of pad Thai and the fragrant peak of green curry – Thai cuisine is magic. Whether you love flavors or adventures, the food scene promises a journey that excites your taste buds and curiosity.

Savor each detail and scent – these restaurants are beyond mere dining spots; they're integral to your Ao Nang journey.

Retreat to Your Haven Amidst Ao Nang's Charm: After a day of adventure, find solace in the heart of Ao Nang. Whether you like big resorts with great views or cozy boutique hotels, Ao Nang has what you want.

Embark on island adventures and underwater explorations:

Take captivating day trips from Ao Nang Pier to the scenic nearby islands, including the enchanting Hong Island. Aboard a traditional long-tailed boat, you'll witness the majestic rise of limestone sentinels from the emerald embrace of the waters.

Snorkel and discover a world of colorful marine life beneath the waves, showcasing the ocean's ever-changing artistry. These day trips allow you to discover nearby islands on a longtail boat.

Relax with Traditional Thai Massage: Experience ultimate relaxation with a traditional Thai massage by Ao Nang Beach. Talented hands release tension, renewing your energy with this ancient practice that balances body and spirit. This revitalizing ritual syncs perfectly with the calm rhythm of your beachside retreat, helping you rediscover balance and tranquility. It's the perfect complement to your upcoming adventures.

Go even further: leave Ao Nang Pier and discover places like Railay Beach, Nopparat Thara Beach, and Phra Nang Cave. These stunning spots tell stories that pull you into nature's amazing beauty, making connections that are beyond usual. The nearby islands and beaches, including lovely Thara Beach in Ao, are ready for you to explore.

As Ao Nang turns to twilight, the atmosphere shifts into a lively spectacle with the bustling night market coming to life. Stroll through its lanes filled with local crafts and enjoy the enticing aroma of street food.

During your stay in Ao Nang, you'll find yourself immersed in the charming embrace of this coastal paradise. The pristine beach in Ao Nang invites you to bask in the warmth of the sun and take refreshing dips in the azure waters. Beyond the shoreline, an array of diverse restaurants and food establishments await, each offering a delightful culinary journey. From savoring local delicacies to indulging in international flavors, your taste buds will embark on their own adventure. Whether it's a leisurely beachside meal or an exploration of the bustling food scene, Ao Nang ensures that every dining experience becomes a memorable part of your stay.

Immerse yourself in Thailand's lively market culture while you explore this vibrant scene. With each step, there's something new to discover, and every corner holds a fresh surprise. It's a moment to fully embrace local life, just like you've embraced the magic of Ao Nang Beach.

Things to Know:

Did you know that Ao Nang Pier does more than link you to close-by islands? It's also your gateway to the renowned Koh Phi Phi Islands. Why not consider embarking on a journey to Koh Phi Phi? Imagine a world where scenes from postcards come alive.

In this amazing setting, you have a great chance to thoroughly enjoy your time in the captivating surroundings of Ao Nang. Treasure every moment to make memories, appreciate the beauty, and enjoy the special charm of Ao Nang.

Every step, smile, and new discovery adds to a collection of experiences that make your journey wonderful. Ao Nang's enchantment goes beyond its beautiful scenery and lively attractions. It's about becoming a part of its narrative and weaving your own experiences into it.

Long-tailed boats are more than just boats; they represent Ao Nang's heritage. They provide a window into the region's soul and traditions. Their charm brings a sense of nostalgia and invites you to become a thread in the intricate tapestry of local life. These boats let you dive into the local culture and truly enjoy the natural beauty of the area in an authentic and memorable way.

Under the sea's surface, an enchanting world awaits unveiling. Snorkeling and diving around the neighboring islands is a window into an underwater paradise. These aquatic explorations add an extra layer of wonder to your journey in the surrounding islands.

Ferry: Ao Nang Pier - Railay Bay

Railay Bay: Your Gateway to Exquisite Tropical Escapes


Nestled on Thailand's southern coast, the allure of Railay Bay is captivating. With its shimmering waters, lush landscapes, and captivating cliffs, this paradise offers an escape like no other. Effortlessly connected by the Railay Bay Pier, this charming spot offers a variety of activities tailored to all types of travelers.

In this captivating paradise, every day is a new chapter in your personal journey. The sun rises over the Andaman Sea, marine life dances below the waves. Every moment at Railay Bay becomes a special part of your memorable journey.


As you arrive at Railay Pier aboard the iconic longtail boats, a sense of excitement for new discoveries fills the air. These boats take you to Railay Bay but also present an introduction to the vista of clear waters and high cliffs. The pier serves as a gateway, bridging the bustling world to the serenity of Railay Bay.

Beyond Railay's borders lie the enticing treasures of Ao Nang and Ko Lanta. Embark on day trips from Railay to these nearby destinations, each offering its own distinct wonders. Ao Nang boasts a pristine beach and vibrant nightlife, while Ko Lanta enchants with its serene beaches and warm local culture. These short ferry journeys open doors to diverse adventures.

Railay Bay serves as the launchpad for exploration, with must-visit spots like Railay West and the famed Phi Phi Islands. Railay West, known for its powdery sands and striking sunsets, is a haven for relaxation. Ferries departing from Railay Pier provide access to the Phi Phi Islands, including Koh Phi Phi, promising unparalleled experiences.

Delve into the realm of underwater beauty with snorkeling tours in the turquoise depths surrounding Railay Bay. On these trips, you'll get to explore underwater scenes, like the coral gardens near Yao Noi and Phra Nang Beach. At Railay Beach, there are plenty of snorkeling and water activities for everyone, no matter their skill level.

Railay Bay's high season, spanning from November to April, is the ideal time to bask in its glory. The weather is perfect for outdoor adventures, be it rock climbing cliffs or indulging in leisurely strolls along Railay East. Krabi Airport stands as the gateway for travelers from anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless.

Not far off, you'll find the lively Krabi Town, where you can experience local life and explore lively markets and streets. In comparison, Railay East offers an environment where you can enjoy the sunrise over the Andaman Sea.

Railay Bay Pier is not just a transit point; it's a hub of activity. Boats go to and from Koh Phi Phi and nearby islands, creating an atmosphere as travelers set off on their journeys. The towering cliffs of Railay Bay stand as sentinels, guiding your journey from pier to paradise. Koh Phi Phi, awe-inspiring islands, beckons as a gem ready for exploration. With its crystal clear waters, vibrant marine life, and vibrant nightlife, it's a destination that leaves a lasting impression.

Ao Nang Beach, a short distance from Railay Bay, is a magnet for sun-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike. With its expansive shoreline and clear waters, it's the perfect canvas for beach activities, water sports, and lazy lounging. The connection between Railay Bay and Ao Nang Beach via longtail boats ensures you can effortlessly explore both heavenly shores.

If you're in the mood for some peaceful moments, exciting adventures, or getting to know how locals live, the Railay Bay Pier is like your special road that takes you right to this amazing paradise. It's like a doorway to a place where you can relax, have fun, and learn new things, from the calm and clear waters that you can see to the colorful world under the waves. Every second you spend there adds to the memories you'll carry with you from this incredible journey.

Things to Know:

Ferry Tickets and Day Trips: Secure your ferry tickets in advance for smooth travels to neighboring islands and attractions.

Unmissable Phi Phi Island: Don't miss the chance to explore the world-renowned Phi Phi Islands, a short ferry ride away. Krabi Airport provides hassle-free access to Railay Bay, making it convenient for global travelers.

Diverse Snorkeling Tours: From Yao Noi's underwater beauty to the captivating Phra Nang Beach, diverse snorkeling tours await.

Weather-wise Explorations: Plan your visit during Railay Bay's high season (November to April) for optimal weather and adventures.