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When Is the Best Time to Visit Phuket

When Is the Best Time to Visit Phuket
7 November 2017

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is located to the south of Bangkok. No doubt that the greatest splendor is on its coast.

It is also the sixth most populous province in Thailand with its 1.6 million people. Known as the Pearl of Andaman; the island of Phuket owes much of its glorious past to its great wealth in tin production dating back to more than 500 years. Although it is one of the most exploited tourist islands in Thailand; there are still white spots of white sand along its shores. Each beach is different and separated from each other by ropes and hills. Along the entire coastline, you can see the crystalline and warm waters of the Andaman Sea. Its waters are rich in marine fauna, and the island itself has a beautiful coastline and hills covered with tropical vegetation.

Phuket offers a colorful spectrum of spectacular views from blue lagoons and pink sunsets to monks in orange robes. Phuket's southern coast offers its most popular beaches, while the north is quieter. With inland, wooded hills, mountains and cliffs waiting to be explored.

When is the best time to visit Phuket?

Phuket enjoys a dry season, which is preferred by most tourists, however; you can still go to Phuket and enjoy every bit of it all year round.

It is important to choose the best time to visit Phuket, although it is also important to realize that this will depend on your personal preferences and budget. now provides you with ferry trips to 14 different amazing places and we guarantee you the Lowest Prices

You can enjoy a beautiful day in Phuket at any time of the year, moreover, during the less busy months you can still enjoy a wonderful tropical vacation but with much lower budget than in the high season. Another advantage is the airfares, which decrease in the low season, allowing to get lodging at half the price of the high season.

Below, we will go through each season in Phuket

Dry Season

this season is the peak season in Phuket, as the weather at its best, starts in December and usually lasts until March. It is characterized by soft breezes, calm seas, and blue skies. It is also the coolest time of the year.

Transitional periods they occur between the dry season and the rainy season, and last about a month. During these periods, the weather is often difficult to predict. The period before the rainy season, around April to May, is when the highest temperatures are recorded. The transition from October to November is cooler and quite humid.

Rainy Season

it is the low season of Phuket. It starts in June and lasts until October. The average rainfall in Phuket is approximately 2500 mm or about 100 inches, and the great majority fall within this period. It's hot and humid, very humid!

As the weather during the rainy season is quite pleasant, this may be ideal for the traveler on a low budget or who simply wants to avoid crowds during the peak season. There may be periods of several dry days, and when it rains, it is very rare for it to rain all day.

Another important recommendation is to be careful when swimming in the sea from May to October, due to the waves and strong currents.

When it is wet and windy, it is preferable to wear leggings, as they will retain their shape and dry quickly, even if you are soaked or trapped in the windy rain.

Have a look at Phuket’s average temperature and rain charts to know what to expect

On the Island of Phuket, you can do, among other things, beautiful excursions, night out partying or shopping, outdoor activities, Scuba diving and snorkeling, Boat Tours, Motorboat Tours, Nature and Life Tours wilderness, boat rentals, kayaking and canoeing, nature and wildlife areas, islands, zoos, gardens, water bodies, parks, waterfalls, geological formations, marinas, mountains, national parks, squares, and cycling routes.

What to do in Phuket?

Attractions and places of interest:

Monuments and statues, religious and sacred sites, viewpoints, playgrounds and stadiums, churches and cathedrals, as well as historical sites.


Diving and snorkeling, boat tours, motorboat tours, private tours, city tours, boat rentals, kayaking and canoeing, rafting and swimming with river lifeguards, tours for all vehicles terrain and 4x4, fishing trips, water sports, cultural tours, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Zip lining and adventure parks, eco tours, shark diving, cycling tours, rowing surfing, multi-day tours, extreme and adrenaline tours, motorcycle tours, historical tours, night tours, helicopter tours, submarine tours, climbing tours.

Boat trips and water sports:

Diving and snorkeling, boat rentals, kayaking and canoeing, rafting and swimming with river lifeguards, fishing trips, water sports, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, snorkeling, rowing, water skiing and jet skiing, submarine tours, dolphin and whale watching, dolphin swimming, parasailing and paragliding.


some of the shopping centers are, Specialty Shops & Gifts, Flea & Outdoor Markets, Shopping Malls, Art Galleries, Factory Stores, Farmers Markets, Antique Shops, Tours & Fashion Shows.


Bars and nightclubs, Dance clubs, Karaoke bars, Wine bars, Tours of bars, discos and pubs.

Most important and popular events in Phuket that you may consider while planning your trip:

Phuket International Marine Expo (PIMEX)

Date: 5th-8th of January

The Phuket International Boat Show or (PIMEX) is among the most interesting marine showcases in Asia. Where you will get to see a collection of famous yachts from reputable shipyards around the whole world including, Sunseeker, Princess Yachts, Ferretti Yachts, and Fairline.

Chinese New Year in Phuket

Date: 28th to 30th of January

With a lot of elegance and striking colors, streets illuminated with red lights and ready fireworks. Phuket is the best in Celebrating the Year of the Snake, which is one of the most festive celebrations on the island, Lunar New Year in Thailand.

Phuket Town

Phuket Old Town Festival

Date: 3rd-5th of February

After the Chinese New Year holiday, an outstanding and unique celebration that is so-called Festival of the Old City of Phuket takes place. The most important avenues of the historic center become pedestrian streets, where people walk freely.

The Bay Regatta 2017

6Date: 15th-19th of February

The most privileged sailing regatta in the world. Celebrated in the light of the stars, where you can see the most incredible racing circuits. This year, celebrating its twentieth anniversary, you can enjoy any number of colorful spinnakers sailing the most beautiful cruise ships in the world. Many people love The Bay Regatta as they have the pleasure of enjoying spectacular scenery and wonderful tourist sites.

Wat Chalong Fair 2017

Date: February

The biggest of all temple fairs on the island that was held for the first time in the year of 1933 by local farmers who lived near Wat Chalong. It’s a festival to celebrate the harvest, which takes places after all the hard work. The farmers would get together and create an enjoyable-fun fair on the temple’s grounds. The fair lasts seven days each year and presents a colorful, crowded, noisy, aromatic yet fascinating prospect.

Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Festival Sri Suntorn

Date: March

When it comes to cultural and sporting activities, it's time to enjoy one of the island's major festivals. The Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Festival Sri Suntorn Festival or Thao Thep takes place in about two weeks in March and covers a variety of activities such as a mini-marathon, bike races, a war tugboat, a takraw tournament and a Buddhist 'uppasombot moo' ceremony. It’s a celebration in honor of the commemoration of the victory over the Burmese army led by the "two heroines" of Phuket.

Songkran Festival

Date: 13th-15th of April

Songkran is known for its symbolic traditions that take place from the early morning. Usual practices of this festival are visiting local temples and present a thank-offering of food to Buddhist monks. An iconic ritual that takes places during this special event is pouring water on the statues of Buddha. For the purpose of purification and self-washing of bad luck and sins. Moreover, Songkran is famous for water festivals, where young people are mostly involved. The main streets are closed to traffic and used as a stage for water battles. There are parades of typical Thai costumes, where it crowns "Miss Songkran".

Phuket Bike Week

Date: 14th-16th of April

Phuket Bike Week is held annually and it is one of the biggest motorcycle events in Southeast Asia. Where you will get to see a spectacular collection of Harleys, Hondas, and superbikes. It also features contests, parties, music, and charity rides around the island.

Phuket Pride Festival 2017 (aka Phuket Gay Festival)

Date: 27th-30th of April

Pride is the biggest Pride Festival in Asia. The Phuket Loves You Club has launched Phuket Pride Week 2016 dates ~ April 24th to May 1st. Pride events will be held all over Phuket and are open to anyone: Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, straight, undecided or just the curious.

Laguna Marathon Phuket

Date: 3rd-4th of June

The major sports companies sponsor and organize the world-renowned Laguna Phuket International Marathon. In the framework of its 12th anniversary, starting with the beautiful sunset that characterizes the island and until dawn. This marathon that has managed to obtain a participation of more than 40 countries and of more than 7,000 marathon runners, is endorsed by the International Association of Marathons and Distance Races.

Baba (Peranakan) Wedding Festival

Date: 17th-18th of June

In search of a better life, in the nineteenth century a large population of Chinese immigrants, came to the island to work in tin mines. Descendants of these relatives, in the month of June they remember and honor their ancestors celebrating the annual wedding festival of Phuket Baba.

Kathu Festival

Date: July

This is an event that is held by the Kathu Municipality, which takes place in Kathu village in Phuket. Visitors will appreciate the stage shows, street stalls, exhibitions, live music, and several Thai traditional children’s games. This event was created by the folks at Kathu who want to celebrate and promote their traditions and customs as well and pass them on to the next generations.

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek

Date: 19th-23rd of July

Enjoy for four days, the exciting, international-standard yacht racing off Phuket’s East Coast. There are always many social activities involved in the event. With more than 35 boats and 400 sailors competing.

Por Tor Festival

Date: August – September – TBA

Ethnic Chinese in Phuket believe that Por Tor Kong is the God of Devil. The seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar is believed to be the period when spirits are released. The gates are opened, and spirits are released to walk or revisit homes. During the festival, people bring food and beautiful colored plates of fruits to make offerings to Por Tor Kong to pass onto those spirits. A typical offering during the festival is a red turtle-shaped cake because they believe that turtles symbolize longevity.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Date: 20th-28th of October

In the ninth Chinese lunar month, in various Chinese shrines and temples, the vegetarian festival is celebrated. The believers, devotees of "Ma Song", trust that sacred rituals will provide them with a substantial fortune. For ten days, and for the purpose of spiritual cleansing, residents of Chinese descent follow a very strict vegetarian diet.

Loy Krathong Festival

Date: November 3rd

On the eve of the 12th lunar month, the "festival of lights" Loy Krathong of Thailand takes place. The Buddhist temples around Phuket are the main venues for this festival, performing various rituals. One of the most famous and popular is the launch of a Krathong, which you have the opportunity to leave your wishes in a floating lantern with candles and joss sticks, it is wonderful to appreciate the great mass of water that is astonishingly illuminated by lights.

Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2017

Date: November 19th

The Laguna Phuket Triathlon has been attracting people, sports’ legends, and age groupers to the stunning tropical island for two decades. And it is among the oldest traditions in Asia. In 2013 it celebrated its 20th anniversary, and the iconic Laguna Phuket Triathlon will continue for years to come.

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

Date: 3rd-9th of December

To celebrate the birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, the island of Phuket dresses gala celebrating it with the most popular and great regatta of Asia, the King's Cup regatta of Phuket.

Each year the celebration is repeated with a fun week, full of happy holidays, where navigation is the protagonist. 

One of Phuket’s attractions are the beautiful excursions. You can visit places by boat such as Phang Na Bay with its breathtaking scenery of rocky formations in the sea, similar to Halong Bay in Vietnam, or go to the Phi Phi Islands, one of the 5 most visited places for tourists who goes on vacations to Thailand.

Take a look here at our available trips between Phuket and the other gorgeous destinations, and book your favorite!

You can also hire an excursion to go around the island and see its temples, its beaches and the phenomenal views from some points including the famous Cape Phromtep.

What to wear in Phuket?


If you are a diving enthusiast, this is certainly one of the activities to do in Phuket. In its surroundings, there is beautiful seabed in places like Koh Racha Noi, Koh Racha Yai, the sunken king cruiser boat or the Phi Phi Islands.

Night Out:

If you want to have some nightlife fun, open to options, and want to see the most unparalleled night show in the world; then take a tour in Bangla Road in Patong.

What to wear in Phuket?

The dress form in Phuket is very casual and you can wear very casual clothes for almost any event in most places.

Most people usually only wear t-shirts and shorts, skirts, bikini, and sarongs. Remember it is very hot in Phuket. And even more uncomfortable with the humidity taking over.

Get ready to sweat a lot. For this, we recommend that you bring clothes that help improve the flow of air to make you feel comfortable. T-shirts or tank tops are great for this. Also, these items do not take up much space.

If you want to eat out in upscale restaurants, it is suggested to pack some short-sleeved shirts and lightweight pants for boys and a dress or two for the ladies.

Phuket is a shopping paradise; the clothes are economical, so just take with you what you really need, as you will need space in your bags to take all your purchases home.

The most suitable clothing in the rainy season is robust and simple fabrics in dark tone, avoid using delicate fabrics like silk or light colors as white.

It is also convenient to choose thin pants in a lightweight fabric, which dries quickly. The black color is convenient as it will not show signs of rain or mud.

Cotton absorbs sweat and moisture from your body, it is an excellent material for moist climates as it allows air to flow in and around the skin, which keeps it dry and more comfortable.

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