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Surat Thani Town Information

Surat Thani Town

Discover Surat Thani Town: Gateway to Tropical Dreams!


In the heart of Pak Nam Tapee, there's a special place called the Lomprayah office's Surat Thani Town Tapee Pier branch. It's like a main door that opens up to many beautiful places. Sometimes, when the weather changes or the tides move the sea, the office may go to a place called Donsak Pier.

But no matter where it is, this place always makes it easy for people to travel. From the Tapee Pier, there are fast boats called catamarans. They can take people to lovely islands like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. These islands are like little pieces of paradise with blue waters and golden sands.

The Tapee Pier is not just a place to catch a boat. It's like a big crossroads where different paths meet. It brings together the local town, the distant islands, and even places far beyond. It's very close to the airport, so if someone comes by plane, they can quickly get to the pier. It's also near the main part of the city, the heart where all the action happens.

This makes it a perfect spot for anyone wanting to explore the beauty of the region. Whether they're looking for the quiet peace of an island or the busy life of a city. Everyone, from locals to travelers from far away, finds this place helpful in their journey.


Surat Thani Town is the vibrant heartbeat of southern Thailand where traditional Thai essence seamlessly entwines with modernity. Walking around the town, you can see and feel many things. There are beautiful temples with old stories to tell.

Busy markets are everywhere, showing off the Thai way of life and the things they make and sell. There are also many food stands on the streets. They sell tasty food that smells really good, and you might want to try some.

Surat Thani Town, often fondly referred to as the "city of good people." When you visit this place, you feel very welcome. The people in Thailand are very friendly and kind to everyone. The town has a mix of new and old things.

There are tall buildings and busy roads, but also places full of history and culture. It's like seeing two worlds in one place. Everyone, whether young or old, can find something they like here.

As you navigate its bustling streets, the town offers glimpses into its rich history and spirited present. One of the most revered spots in the town is the City Pillar Shrine. It is a symbol of the town's foundation and spiritual center.

Standing with quiet dignity, the shrine draws both locals and tourists. They all are seeking blessings, paying respects, or simply basking in its serene ambiance.

The town is also a serene escape, with its scenic backdrop. You will find verdant mangroves and tranquil waterways. They offer a retreat into nature.

However, the allure of Surat Thani doesn't just lie within its urban landscape. A short distance away, the enchanting Khao Sok National Park awaits, beckoning nature lovers and adventurers alike.

As one of Thailand's finest rainforests, this national park is a treasure trove of diversity. Those big rocky mountains in Khao Sok reach up very high. The deep valleys are full of life and noise from all the animals and plants.

Khao Sok is just an awesome example of how cool nature can be. Its old forests are home to many animals, calm lakes, and hidden caves. If you love nature, this is a must-visit place.

Surat Thani Town has a special charm. People call it the "city of good people". It also has peaceful places like the City Pillar Shrine.

Plus, the beauty of Khao Sok National Park is nearby. All these make Surat Thani a place you must visit.

You can explore the town's rich culture. Or maybe you're looking for a quiet, spiritual spot. If you love nature adventures, this is the place to start. No doubt, a trip to Surat Thani will give you many great memories.

Often referred to as a tropical paradise, Koh Samui is a captivating blend of natural beauty and vibrant energy. Its pristine beaches, stretching for miles, are a treat to the eyes. Their soft golden sands meet the gentle embrace of azure waters. But as the sun sets, the island comes alive in a different light.

The night awakens to the beats of lively music, shimmering lights, and the rhythm of moonlit dances. Sunbathing by day or beach parties by night, Koh Samui promises a journey filled with great memories.

Beyond the electric vibes of its iconic Full Moon parties, Koh Phangan has a quiet side. It often takes visitors by surprise. Apart from the loud music and bright lights, the island has quiet beaches. There, you mostly hear the sound of the waves and the leaves moving.

The thick forests offer shade, giving travelers a place to rest from the heat. In these forests, visitors might find hidden waterfalls or unknown paths. Koh Phangan combines lively events with calm natural spots, making it a diverse destination for all.

A diver's dream and a marine lover's paradise, Koh Tao is the underwater jewel of Thailand. Beneath the gentle waves of its surrounding waters lies a world brimming with life and color. Coral gardens sprawl out in intricate patterns, housing a myriad of marine species, from vibrant fish to elusive sea turtles.

The island, with its dive schools and eco-resorts, has become a hub for those keen to explore the deep blue. Are you an experienced diver or just trying out snorkeling for the first time? Koh Tao offers a peek into the amazing underwater world.

Beyond the islands, Surat Thani Town serves as a pivotal point of departure to numerous attractions by land. With its integral location, tourists can venture deeper into Thailand, discovering hidden gems and landscapes that echo the soul of the country.


Surat Thani Town is a special place in Thailand. Imagine a mix of old traditions, beautiful nature, and new, modern things—all in one town. That's Surat Thani Town for you.

It's like a big colorful puzzle that shows many different sides of Thailand. The town occupies a very important spot. It's like a big welcoming door for anyone who wants to see the beautiful islands in the south or explore more parts of the land.

People come to Surat Thani Town for many reasons. Some come for adventure, looking for new experiences and exciting moments. Others want peace and quiet, a place to relax and forget about their worries.

And then there are those who dream of a perfect holiday with sandy beaches, warm sun, and clear blue waters. No matter what you're looking for, Surat Thani Town is the perfect starting point.

It's not just a place to pass by. It's where the journey begins. It's like the first page of a book, waiting to tell its stories.

Every corner, every street, and every face in Surat Thani Town has a tale to share. So, if you're ready to dive into the magic of Thailand, this town is where you should start.

Things to Know:

Climate-ready: In response to climatic variations and tidal fluctuations, the Lomprayah office exhibits adaptability by occasionally transitioning between piers.

Connection: The pier doubles as a bus terminal, ensuring seamless travel.

Facilities: An expansive waiting area, ATM, and parking are available at the Tapee Pier.

Easy Access: Merely a brief distance from both the airport and the urban center.

Diverse Destinations: This nexus bridges the captivating allure of islands with the majestic marvels of the mainland.

Address : 88 Moo 3 Surat Paknam Road Bangkung Tambon Meauang, Surat Thani, Thailand.